The long awaited show was finally put onto Netflix this last weekend. For all of your who have read the book you knew this show was about to rip your heart out and stomp it into a million pieces. 13 Reasons Why, in my opinion, is one of the best directed shows I have ever seen. It slides through very taboo topics so easily that it’s honestly breathtaking. Looking back on the show now that I’ve finished it (in less than two days none the less) I have to say, everyone should watch this show. The topics it’s covers and the attention it brings is beyond amazing.

This is an obvious one. Going into the show you understand that is what this show revolves around. But it really shows how helpless someone can feel. They reach out for help and feel like they aren’t getting any. I think it proves that there is so much more going on inside people’s heads. This show does an amazing job of showing what lead Hannah Baker to kill herself, but what it did to her family and everyone around her after it. It shows that you will be missed even when you feel like no one will notice.

Drunk Driving
This show makes you fall in love with so many different characters, even the smaller ones. When Jeff was killed in a supposed drunk driving accident, you know you had a tear in you eye. You see how the accident affects everyone and I think it’s awesome that they focus on Clay’s anger regarding the accident. Yes, the accident was sad, but the way they showed the anger that someone felt because it was avoidable is amazing.

Sexual Assault
Twice in this show, we see two girls get raped by the same guy. Neither of them go to the police. It shows Hannah going to the guidance office and almost being told to not press charges. In the show the guy who raped them both said they were asking for it. That she was “making the eyes.” I think this proves such an important topic that no one is ever asking for it. No matter how they dress, what they look like, how they are acting, they are not asking for it.

Hannah Baker isn’t the only one being bullied in this show and we see the affects on so many different people. Hannah dealt with her bullying in the most extreme way possible, but towards the end of the seasons you saw how Tyler was also dealing with bullying too. You never know when too much is too much for them, treat everyone with kindness.

Though technically no “nude” photos were sent around in this series, we saw how the one picture of Hannah started her downward spiral. Just because one person did not respect her, it started off the fact that she felt like she could not control her life.

Don’t ignore the signs. If you think someone needs help don’t hesitate. I hope this showed opens many people's eyes into this topics that are still considered taboo. It’s 2017 people, it’s time to talk about it.

If you or anyone you know is feeling helpless here is the for the number and the website. and 1-800-273-8255.

And remember, you are NEVER alone.