13 Reasons We Need To Protect Lil B At ALL Costs

You might know the rapper Lil B by his curses on athletes, his popular Twitter account, his recent presence on celebrity news sites’ headlines, or his iconic music videos. While people tend to dismiss the idea of rappers having any positive impact on society, Lil B displays characteristics that are often overlooked and forgotten in our society. We failed to protect him when he was jumped at Rolling Loud, but Lil B, we will protect you even MORE from now on.

1. This outfit.

Not many modern-day rappers would go onto ESPN and wear dangling earrings, a lace tunic, and blue sunhat. Lil B is the epitome of riding one’s own wave. He does only what he wants to do, and exactly what he wants to do. While many rappers and singers talk about this sense of individuality often, Lil B takes the extra step by making others uncomfortable and doing exactly what he wants.

2. He has magical powers

Speaking of ESPN, he was featured on ESPN because of the curses that he puts on specific athletes. After he tweeted in 2012 that he put a curse on Kevin Durant, Durant did not earn any championship titles; however, the year that Lil B lifted the curse, Kevin Durant’s switched to the Golden State Warriors and won the championship title. OBVIOUSLY, he earned that win directly because of Lil B. This is just one of the many examples that show that Lil B is much, much more powerful than the average person.

3. He is the KING of Twitter.

- Lil B

4. He gives great health advice.

Your favorite rapper could NEVER!

5. He is WOKE.

He went on this whole twitter/ facebook rant talking about why he supports Black Lives Matter, the NFL protests, and why he is anti-gun. He is never shy about his political views, and uses every opportunity he can to promote unity, love, and compassion. (Just waiting for him to put a curse on Trump (with love, of course))

6. He's a superhero.

Selfless, brave, and magical -- everything that we need in a hero. I'm waiting for him to star in a superhero movie.

7. He's going to stop illegal drugs.

Lil B is SINGLE HANDEDLY going to stop the usage of illegal drugs and will completely abolish the illegal drug epidemic, simply with his tweets. Just watch.

8. He promotes self-love.

New goal: love pictures of myself as much as Lil-B loves this picture of myself.

9. He follows me (and probably you) on Twitter.

Beyoncé, Rihanna, Oprah, Drake, Childish Gambino, and about 100 of my other favorite celebrities -- YOU SHOULD BE MORE LIKE LIL B. Lil B follows just about everyone on twitter who is aware of his existence and the world would just be so, so much brighter if Beyoncé had the ability to read my tweets.


Nothing gives me an immediate surge of positivity and happiness more than this music video. Everyone needs a four-minute video of Lil B in a pet store. I can't help but choke up when he starts crying at the end. Truly, this video will brighten your life.

11. He loves and respects women.

One of the main things that Lil B’s twitter is known for is his #girltime, where he retweets selfies that women post with the corresponding hashtag. While some may view this as a way to objectify women and celebrate their looks instead of appreciating their inner beauty, Lil B uses this as a way to empower women and make them feel beautiful. He doesn’t just repost a certain type of woman -- he appreciates all colors, shapes, and sizes.

12. He invented positivity and love.

Thank you, Lil B, for inventing love and happiness!

Okay, obviously he didn’t. But seriously, his tweets are him constantly spreading love to absolutely everyone. If you have a problem with that, then you have a problem with happiness.

13. He forgives even those who hurt him.

He refused to fight back due to his strong beliefs in nonviolence, and he immediately went to Twitter to say, “it’s all good I love y’all and I forgive y’all LOVE.” Needless to say, his unwavering positive and loving attitude made him only more loved by everyone –– from his fans to big rappers like Travis Scott, Big Sean, and Drake. even Lil B preaches that we should not rush to dismiss one’s entire character. We should peer deep into the souls and innocence that lies within everyone.

Although people can do bad things, that should not automatically classify them as bad people. What a peaceful icon.

Especially in our world today, going onto social media can bring a wave a negativity and hatred. Whether or not you like his music, his bright and positive persona allows us all to take a nice deep breath and take a moment to appreciate his positivity and the light of the world.

Ideally, we would devote all of our time towards participating in community service, activism, and protesting, but realistically, taking time to sit back, laugh, and enjoy a rapper’s tweets can only help us. We can all learn so much from Lil B and if you haven’t already, I definitely recommend following him on twitter and learning more about him.

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