13 Reasons Why Your Mom Is The Perfect Concert Buddy
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13 Reasons Why Your Mom Is The Perfect Concert Buddy

She's the cool mom and she knows it.

13 Reasons Why Your Mom Is The Perfect Concert Buddy
Hannah Holliday

She is your best friend, the person you share every secret and stressful breakdown with. You go to her when you need encouragement or a major confidence boost. She is 100% reliable and always there to answer you when you need her. She is so much more than just your mom, she is the one that you have shared all your favorite moments and memories with. So, next time you score tickets to see that band you’ve been fangirling over for the past 3 months or decide to go out for a night of hard core rock n’ rolling, make sure to invite her to tag along. After all, you can’t just leave your best friend at home. Here’s 10 reasons why your mom is the perfect concert buddy:

1. She will sing along to your entire pre-concert playlist in the car, even if that means listening to the same songs on repeat for a few hours.

2. She may have never even heard of the band’s name but you can bet that won’t stop her from fake singing her heart out to every song, even though she has no clue what the words are.

3. She is the best person to take a cute concert selfie with. After all you both have had years of perfecting selfies together.

4. She will tag along with you even when you go into the sweaty, smelly, and sometimes dangerous mosh pit. She is scared of nothing; she is fearless.

5. She will push her way past people to get as close to the stage as possible. Besides, who would yell at a sweet, innocent mother?!

6. She will give you her honest opinion when it comes to choosing which band t-shirt to buy from the merchandise table. She will guarantee that you don’t get ripped off.

7. She will scream just as loud as you when the band comes back out for their 2 song encore.

8. She won’t be constantly tweeting or updating her Facebook status during the show. She appreciates every minute of quality time she gets to spend with you. Although, she may be playing candy crush in between sets.

9. She knows every single old and new dance move and she is not afraid to whip and nae-nae in front of a large audience of young adults and teenagers.

10. She will dress to impress, but without seeming like she’s trying too hard. You might even have some concert outfit competition.

11. She will stay standing the whole time. (Even though she may have undergone several knee surgeries.)

12. She will come prepared with everything that you could possibly need: Band-Aids, ear plugs, even a portable phone charger!

13. She will wait with you in the longest line ever (without complaining) just so you can get an autographed CD or picture with the band, she has the right to meet her future son-in-law!

Whether you are planning to attend your first concert or you are an avid concert goer, next time you hit up a show, invite your mom to come with. Chances are she bought the ticket, so it’s only fair that you pay her back somehow. After all, who doesn’t love good music and good company? You both are guaranteed to have a great time, because you always do whenever you’re together!

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