There may be plenty of things you miss about high school, but once you get to college, you'll never want to do these 13 things again...

1. Wearing "real" pants to class every day

Remember the days of being asked to put your arms to your side to see if your shorts were “too short?” I’m not sure how I survived without being able to wear my Nike shorts or yoga pants, or hats on bad hair days.

2. Staying in class from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

In college, you avoid 8 a.m.s like the devil.

3. Doing your hair every morning

Skip the straightener — sleep in instead. In college, I’ve learned to appreciate my naturally curly hair.

4. Putting on a full face of makeup

My makeup is almost always the bare minimum. Most girls skip it entirely. In Alabama, you’ll probably sweat it off before your first class anyway.

5. Not bringing a drink or snack to class

Never leave your dorm without a water bottle and something to munch on between classes. Not only will you die of thirst from running across campus, but your stomach will start speaking while at the worst time possible.

6. Not using a backpack

Remember being able to fit everything in your purse and getting to leave your backpack in your locker? In college, even if it only has one notebook, one pen and nothing else, you bring your backpack to class.

7. Keeping every class on your schedule

Once you discover the power of the “drop” button, your life is never the same — trust me. It’s tempting to abuse this button and you have to be careful, but it’s also nice to have when your midterm is tomorrow and you’re too busy stress-crying to study.

8. Going to every class meeting

LOL (sorry, mom).

9. Not reading the assigned reading

“Assigned reading” in high school meant “no homework.”

“Assigned reading” in college means “read every single word because you’ll probably have a quiz on it tomorrow worth 5% of your final grade.”

10. Taking notes by hand

I completely understand why laptops aren’t always allowed in high school classrooms. (Not everyone can afford one, not all parents want their child taking a laptop to school, and not all high school students should be trusted to only use the laptop for academic purposes during class.)

In some classes, I still find it beneficial to take notes by hand, but all college students have suffered through at least one professor who talks way too fast and refuses to put his lecture notes on Blackboard. Sometimes typing your notes can be a grade-saver if your professor allows you to use a laptop in class.

11. Completing homework assignments by hand

Tip: In college, if they don’t tell you to type it, it’s because they assume you know to type it.

12. Never reading the syllabus

In college, your syllabi are sacred. They are the guidebooks to passing your courses. Print them. Read them. Keep them.

13. Procrastinating on anything

I'm still very guilty of this, but procrastination is a collegiate deadly sin. In high school, skimming notes the night before an exam or starting a project the night before it's due may have gotten you perfect grades, but it won't in college. Everything will go wrong the night before something is due — your wifi will go out, your printer will quit, your laptop charger will break... anything that can go wrong, will.