13 Christmas Gifts To Give Your Parents

13 Christmas Gifts To Give Your Parents

The more generous you are, the more generous they'll be.

Ah, December.

Quite possibly the most stressful month of the year. You have to study for finals, complete those papers and presentations, figure out what you want for Christmas, and most importantly, figure out what everyone else wants for Christmas. Friends and siblings are easy. You were probably out shopping with them and they pointed something out to you, or they jokingly sent you an Amazon link saying, "Get me this for Christmas." Either way, you'll be able to figure something out. Parents, on the other hand, can be a bit more difficult to shop for. You don't really know what they want, because it seems like they have everything they need, and you don't really know what they would think to be useless. Here are some ideas on Christmas gifts for your parents. (Sorry for ruining the surprise, mom and dad.)

1. Their Birthday Present

If you're like me, you bought your parents birthday gifts well before their birthday but have spent the past four months forgetting to give them to your parents. So what better time than Christmas? Two birds, one stone.

2. College Apparel

It's a known fact that it is not possible to have too much apparel from their child's college. So head down to the bookstore with the money you get from book returns and buy your parents another college sweatshirt for their closet.

3. A Waffle Maker

You've been making your own waffles every Sunday for the past semester, so why not let someone else make them for you?

4. A Panini Press

So they can also make you sandwiches.

5. A Hug

Let's face it. You haven't seen your parents in about a month, and after break, you probably won't see them for a few more. Give them as many hugs as they want or need while you're home.

6. A Gift Card To Your Favorite Restaurant

This gives them a reason to take you out to dinner before you leave. And it makes you feel less guilty when you order the most expensive item on the menu.

7. Fetty Wap Tickets

If your parents get angry that you don't spend enough time with them, buy them tickets to this concert! It will be a great time for both of you, and I'm sure they'll appreciate the bonding moments.

8. Justin Bieber And One Direction Albums

We were all conflicted when these albums came out on the same day. So why not solve the conflict and get your parents both of the albums? You can listen to them on the way to and from the Fetty Wap concert.

9. A Selfie Stick

Parents love being in touch with our generation. They love setting their family selfies as their profile/cover photos on Facebook, and some love Snapchat. Get your parents a selfie stick so they can document the bigger family gatherings with a single image.

10. A Framed Picture Of Yourself

Better yet, make it a selfie taken with a selfie stick.

11. The Money You Took From Their Wallet Over The Summer

Hey, a broke college kid has to do what a broke college kid has to do.

12. Your Tuition Bill

"You'll pay tuition, I'll just live on the floor."

13. A Puppy

Your puppy dog eyes may not work on them anymore, but they definitely can't say no to this face.

I hope this gave you some ideas on what to give your parents this Christmas season. Just remember, the more generous you are, the more generous they'll be! Merry Christmas!

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You Should 100 Percent Not Go Out To Eat If You're NOT Going To Tip 18 Percent, Or More

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Being a server can be the best job at times and the worst job at times.

Most servers only make between 3 and 3.50 hourly, we rely solely on tips.

There is nothing more disappointing than picking up the check from a table and seeing that they tipped you under 20 percent. I would say a good rule of thumb is to always tip your server 20 percent unless you have a valid reason not to. If their service was truly terrible, then tip them under, but when their service was good and the meal was good too, you have no reason not to tip 20 percent.

I've been serving about 2 weeks now and I have been undertipped or not tipped at all several times.

I'm still learning as I go, but I think I am a good server. I always greet my customers, offer input on the menu, and constantly check on them during the meal. I can confidently say that I think I am worth a 20 percent tip. When I see that someone did not tip me what they should have, it's upsetting. I always wonder what I could have done to earn a better tip but the fact is that some people are just oblivious.

Some people are not aware that you are supposed to tip 18 percent as the bare minimum.

When I don't receive a tip at all, it feels like a waste of time. I put in your orders, brought your food to you, made sure you were enjoying my meal, constantly offered my services, and you don't tip me? Not tipping your server is just plain rude.

There are always some people that tip over 20 percent so, for the most part, it evens out between these people and those who do not tip, but there is no excuse for not tipping your server.

In conclusion, don't eat out if you are not going to leave a decent tip for your server.

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