13 Fictional Characters Who We All Want To Come Out As Bisexual
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13 Fictional Characters Who We All Want To Come Out As Bisexual

Representation matters, I wish more of these characters were actually bisexual.

13 Fictional Characters Who We All Want To Come Out As Bisexual

Bisexuality, despite being the third letter in LGBTQ, doesn't get a lot of recognition in the media. Shows, books, and movies rarely have explicitly bi characters. This is especially frustrating when they act pretty blatantly bi. Things are getting better with more and more characters being openly queer in general, specifically with the new movie "Solo: A Star Wars Story" confirming Lando Calrissian as pansexual. But there are a lot of characters I've seen and read throughout the years who may be unconfirmed bisexuals.

1. Michael Scott.

Michael's love of Ryan says a lot about who he is. And it's not just Ryan. Michael is very open when it comes to talking about how hot guys are, usually celebrities, but sometimes Jim as well. Also, when he insisted on kissing Oscar. Yes, he has a lot of internalized homophobia to overcome before full accepting his bisexuality, but I believe it's there.

2. Leslie Knope.

Leslie is so good at complimenting the women in her life, especially her best friend, Ann. And sometimes it's a little more than friendly, but Ann takes it all in stride. Leslie just loves women, and not just as a feminist. Also, with her enthusiasm and love of waffles, she fits right in with the queer community, as we saw in an early episode where she gets invited to a gay club and really gets into it.

3. Becca Mitchel.

From the beginning of the first "Pitch Perfect," Becca has found herself in some sexual situations with other women. This comes to a peak in the second movie where she can't stop complimenting the women in the rival acapella group. Clearly, Becca has some sexual feelings towards women that she didn't have a chance to explore in the movies, but it's definitely there.

4. Lily Aldren.

It was pretty apparent Lily had a thing for some girls and even more so when she got hot and bothered while Marshall wasn't available. Even though it was never explicitly stated, it's hard to argue that Lily was totally straight.

5. Rick Sanchez.

So, Rick's sexuality doesn't really come up except when he is with Unity, but it becomes pretty clear what he's into. Honestly, I don't have to explain much further than with this gif. Rick likes men and women.

6. Tobias Funke.

While Tobias never does anything explicitly bisexual (other than those sick puns) he has some traits that make me think he plays for both sides. He is very comfortable in his sexuality, never fearing how his actions will be perceived, but still hints at homoeroticism in much of what he says. While these are often not purposeful, I think we can call it a Freudian slip.

7. Dean Winchester.

Dean is the typical macho man. Strong, handsome, doesn't clean up after himself. But all that falls away with Castiel, his guardian angel, and maybe more. Honestly, just see how they look at each other.

8. Poe Dameron.

If the look on Poe's face in this GIF doesn't make you think he has a major thing for Finn, you're kidding yourself. Throughout "The Force Awakens" and "The Last Jedi" Poe absolutely has a thing for Finn. It's possible that it's a hero complex and Poe feels responsible for Finn's safety. But there was also that scene where BB8 told Poe Finn was naked and leaking.

9. Li Shang.

Shang was definitely into Mulan, but he was kinda into Ping also. It's possible he was just super impressed with Ping's abilities and the progress he made over the "Darkside of the Moon" montage, but I think it was a little more than that.

11. Chad Danford.

Chad clearly does dance. He also might like guys. It doesn't come up except in the second movie when Ryan challenges him. But after that scene, they switch clothes, which opens up quite a few speculations.

12. Jo March.

Jo March, from the novel "Little Women" was largely based on the author, Louisa May Alcott. There is some speculation on Alcott's sexuality and a theory that she may have been bisexual. I would say that if it counts for the author, it counts for the character based on the author. Winona Rider's depiction of her certainly does not help.

13. Kara Danvers.

Now, I haven't seen much of the show "Supergirl" but from what I have seen, Kara definitely has a thing for Lena Luther. The show tries to pair her with other guys in the cast, but it's nothing compared to the chemistry with Kara and Lena.

I would love for more shows to have confirmed bisexual characters. I think having more bisexual representation in the media would help end some the stereotypes and misinformation that bisexuals deal with. Also, we are awesome and would be great on TV.

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