12 Thoughts On Moving And Starting A New Job
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12 Thoughts On Moving And Starting A New Job

It's a big world out there, one discovery at a time

12 Thoughts On Moving And Starting A New Job
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It's the first day of work, in a brand new city. You have packed up all of your belongings and drove cross country for a new adventure, that came unexpectedly. If you are like me the night before is full of emotions and thoughts of the worst possible case. Not only that but in a new place where I don't know a soul. I just recently came to a new city where I had one number of a friend from the past, not someone I knew well. Though, its that time of year when people are graduating, switching jobs and starting a "new life." Being in a place brings self discovery, joy, anger, loneliness but above, all self-growth.

As we begin to transition out of the life of being in our parents home to being independent, and doing this thing called "adulting" is something that allows your perspective to broaden in a way that you could never imagine. For me, yes I have spent that last year living in three different sets of places for different periods of time and meeting new people but its different now, all of my friends are spreading out across the country and are going through this as well or will be soon. So, as we go into this season lets be there for one another.

But first, here are some thoughts of the first day of work in a new place as well as how we can conquer it all.

1. What do I wear?

2. What do I wear?

3. Do I look nice?

4. Will I fit in? Did I make the right decision?

5. Is this job for me?

6. Will they like me?

7. What will I actually be doing?

8. Will I make friends?

9. How do I get around? (Whether it's bus, walking, metro, or car!) Discovering the places around you can always be an interesting task.)

10. Will I find a place of community?

11. What can I learn from this place?

12. What's unique about this place?

At the end of the day here are some things to think about:

1.Explore, Explore, Explore!!!—You don't know what you will find until you take the leap of faith!

2. Discovering Yourself

3. Opportunities all around

4. Don’t Stress.

5. Be yourself!!!!

Now, here is to an adventure!

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