12 Things Only People That Had Strict Parents Will Understand

12 Things Only People That Had Strict Parents Will Understand

The awkward moment when you realize Dora had more freedom than you.


Growing up, you know that when you had strict parents, you had to do things a little bit differently than your friends. You had to strategically plan things, you had to be careful with your words, and sometimes you just had to accept a loss. Here are 15 things only people with strict parents will understand.

1. If your friends wanted to change plans last minute, you know that your parents would say no because it took 4-5 business days for them to allow you to attend the original plan.

2. If you wanted your parents' permission to go out, you had to plan the way to ask.

You went over hundreds of times in your head what you would say, how you would say it, and how you would answer the questions they were going to ask.

3. You also waited until they were in a good mood before you asked.

If they weren't in the perfect mood, you didn't bother asking because you knew they'd say no.

4. We've all done it.

You send your friends to ask your parents for permission to do something because you think that your parents will definitely say yes to them. Later in life, we realize that we only put our parents in incredibly awkward situations.

5.You also had the go-to parent that you would ask first.

Then you would use the ammunition against the other parent, such as, "Well, mom said its okay if you say its okay!"

6. You knew that if there was something Friday and Saturday Night that you wanted to do, you had to choose one because there was no way your parents would let you do both.

7. You spent years dreaming of your big rebellion plans, and what you would do differently when you turned 18.

Few of which you followed through with.

8. If you missed one phone call, your parents automatically assumed you were doing heroin and having sex.

9. Asking permission to have a sleepover with somebody your parents never met required a week in advance preparation including a powerpoint, a blood sample, a full background check and inspection of their house for safety violations.

10. You made sure to have all A's because anything else will curse the family name forever.

11. You were back talking, especially when you weren't trying to back talk.

12. But overall, you are glad your parents were strict because you turned out to be much more structured in the long run.

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