If you have never binge-watched "New Girl" one time in your life then you are lying. What makes "New Girl" so great you say? Well, this show accurately displays the life of a normal weird girl. Whether it's doing the chicken dance in a wedding dance floor or singing a song for everything, we can all relate to Jess in one way or another.

1. You embarrass your inner goddess.

2. You are the last person someone will ask to a formal event.

3. You like to avoid conversations sometimes.

4. Your taste in music in impeccable.

5. You also have a political side.

6. Your friends count for your advice.

7. You are slightly dorky in front of attractive guys.

8. But when you occasionally get asked out ….

9. You always know how to keep your cool.

10. You dislike holiday dinners.

11. There are days when you would rather be alone.

12. Food is your life.

Whether or not these actually relate to you we can all say New Girl has given all us awkward girls hope.