12 Reasons You Know You're Not Abroad Anymore
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12 Reasons You Know You're Not Abroad Anymore

It's so different when you return!

12 Reasons You Know You're Not Abroad Anymore
Erin Rowland

Coming back from being abroad is definitely a big adjustment. Living away from home for so long makes you realize how much you missed it, but also how different life is when you're living in a different country. Not only did living in a different country for four months change your perspective on life, it truly affected and changed you as a person. While you may find that you will never stop daydreaming of your European adventures, here are the main signs that you had the chance to study abroad.

1. You had to throw out at least one pair of shoes from walking so much.

The fact that barely anyone drives in European cities and that I didn't have access to a car meant that walking miles and miles a day was a given. If something was a 20-minute walk, it was considered "close."

2. You're no longer intimidated by traveling at all.

Taking connecting flights and trains now seem like a breeze, and you've become an expert traveler and packer for sure. Public transportation, including buses, trams, and every subway, metro, tube or underground, was no challenge at all.

3. You appreciate American culture more than ever before.

Living without English signs, Wendy's, your favorite TV shows and stores definitely make you realize just how American you are and how much you love it.

4. You feel much more "cultured" than before.

Having access to world renowned museums, such as the Louvre and the Uffizi Gallery, and seeing masterpieces up close definitely gave you a sincere appreciation for other cultures.

5. You've tried food in different countries and yearn for your favorites that you just can't find in America.

Pear ravioli, anyone?

6. You find it so unfair that you're not 21 yet and America is pretty much the only country in the world with such strict drinking laws.

I really, really miss Italy's freedom of open containers and four euro jugs of wine.

7. You miss walking by some of the oldest and most beautiful buildings and landmarks in the world on a daily basis.

8. You scroll through your thousands of abroad pics every few days and have a little separation anxiety.

9. You can't believe how expensive it is to travel in America.

Especially when literally ten euro flights exist in Europe!

10. You feel much more adventurous than you ever did before.

Studying abroad really forces you to get out of your comfort zone and I miss having amazing, new experiences on a daily basis.

11. You don't really remember learning anything in your classes, mostly because they all consisted of walking around and your professor taking you to their favorite gelato place.

12. You can't stop dreaming of when you'll return and how lucky you were.

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