12 Reasons Why Winter is Your Worst Enemy

12 Reasons Why Winter is Your Worst Enemy

Elsa had it all wrong.

Winter weather brings happiness to many people, as winter weather usually means nice hot chocolate, snow days, Christmas, and “cuddling season.” All of those things aren’t bad to find enjoyment in, but there’s comes a point in time where winter brings more problems and concerns than happiness.

1. Your daily pain comes from the freezing temperatures.

It feels as if Jack Frost is doing whatever he can to bring torture to your skin. Not only does he push through any article of clothing you have on, but he does whatever he can to scare you into coming into his territory.

2. Outside + Winter = Possible Eyesore.

The snow does make any scene great to look at, but when it’s stuck around for too long or is absent it becomes very hard to appreciate the beauty of nature. The trees have lost all their colors and leaves, the grass becomes dead and withers away, and the sky takes the sunshine away.

3. Snow starts to suck.

A lot of people love to play in the snow (most of us are guilty) and go sledding in the park or down a big gill, but there comes a point in time where snow becomes the biggest inconvenience of the lifetime. Snow eventually piles up and can make any service difficult to navigate through whether it be on the road or sidewalks. Not all roads get plowed (I can’t imagine living in a more rural area or back road) and those normally simple trips to buy bread and milk become nearly impossible. It’s even worse when you live on a campus that plows the snow right behind your car and leaving you to fend for yourself.

4. Welcome to Winter, a season where the temperature is cold and your layers don’t matter.

You have to wake up earlier than normal putting on layers upon layers of clothing just to keep warm – and a majority of the time doesn’t do much no matter how many layers you put on. There have been times where I put on four layers of clothing and felt as if I had nothing on. The worst part about putting on that many layers of clothing is that most buildings are HOT on the inside and you have to spend just as much time taking off every layer to put on. There’s NEVER a middle ground in the winter. Don't forget about the INTENSE SWEATING that happens once you step foot in a building

5. Your Netflix List Starts to Diminish

Being inside so much and choosing to avoid the cold day causes one to binge watch whatever show or movie they may see. There comes a point in time where you run out of things to watch and start to lose your mind because you realize just how bored you’re becoming.

6. You have to awkwardly stomp your feet like there's no tomorrow on the first rug you see.

You try all you want to prevent that squeaky noise you make from the liquid on your shoes, but it always manages to stick around. There are even a majority of us who look as if we are throwing a tantrum because we are stomping so hard to get as much as we can off our shoes. The last thing you want to do is slip and embarrass yourself because you didn’t realize just how much of an adversary snow can become. And if you’re like me, you can’t leave your area of living wet or you’ll manage to anger someone you care about.

7. People wear shorts or t-shirts when it’s freezing.

I know there are genuinely people who don’t get cold or used to colder weather, but I don’t understand how you’re able to brave the elements wearing not much at all. Seeing this in the winter time always confuses me but also makes me envious that someone can withstand the cold temperature when I freak out whenever it gets below 60 degrees outside.

8. Ice…..

Ice is the one scariest thing that winter brings, as it not only brings danger but it makes every normal task a huge inconvenience. There are people that have to drive through ice, and you can drive as carefully and slowly as possibly but still be in danger because ice is that dangerous. It’s also hard when walking because the slightest misstep can cause you to go tumbling towards the ground. And even knowing the threat of ice, you have to watch out for the drivers that believe their cars are invincible and can beat the slippery solid.

9. Your nose becomes a track star.

Many people (myself included) fall victim to constantly having a cold whenever the weather gets super cold. It seems as if I’m constantly buying Kleenexes to deal with my runny nose. Having a constant runny nose gives you that awful feeling of rubbing and blowing your nose not only brings minor pain but makes you want to avoid every social situation so you don’t disrupt every conversation with your unique sneeze.

10. It gets dark WAY too fast.

I absolutely despise how dark it gets in the winter. You can go into class at 3:30 with the sun being out but you better expect for it to be pitch black if you’re in class until or past 5. If you’re someone that hates walking alone at night, you sometimes have no choice because of the lack of light minus the ones from buildings and the streets (and to some people those are never enough).

11. No ice cream or cold drinks.

Alright, I know there are some people who still choose to drink or eat something cold, but you have to admit that it's difficult when it's freezing outside. It can be hard to enjoy a cold drink or ice cream cone when your hands freeze the moment they are graced by the glory of the colder temperatures.


The chilly air tends to make our skin dryer , and it's worse if you're someone like me who has skin that dries easily. All of the chapstick and lotion in the world can't keep helping you in the winter, and the irritation makes it worse. Do yourself a favor and keep your skin from drying, because it's not a great feeling.

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