12 Reasons Sorority Girls Are Actually Superheroes
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12 Reasons Sorority Girls Are Actually Superheroes

We're the modern day Wonder Woman!

12 Reasons Sorority Girls Are Actually Superheroes

No need to fear; sorority girls are here! Cheesy I know, but I had to say it. While many people, especially those who have never been a part of the greek community, look at sororities and assume that they are filled with shallow, self-obsessed women who care about nothing other than having great hair, buying things with Daddy's money, and having the hottest boyfriend on campus. While movies and TV shows have chalked it up to be this way, I assure you that we are pretty cool people who care about a lot of things other than ourselves. In fact, I often think that sorority women are modern day superheroes, and here's why.

1. We help out the community.
Our college campuses and the surrounding areas know it better than anyone else: sorority women are constantly willing to lend a helping hand. And we never do anything less than our best because we are just too proud to do it any other way.

2. We're always willing to tutor a sister.
Grades are imperative in a sorority, but we would never tell a sister to get better grades and then leave her hanging out on a limb by her lonesome. If we have had the class or even just a similar class, you best bet we will come to our sister's rescue when she is drowning in those term papers and midterm tests.

3. When an outfit is needed, a sister will ALWAYS share.
Okay, so maybe this one doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but if you have ever been in the situation where you forget a jacket but it gets really chilly on campus or you need a professional outfit for an interview TOMORROW and don't have anything in your closet then you know it is extremely comforting to have about 70 girls you can reach out to that will find something even if they aren't all the same size as you. Talk about crisis averted!

4. We are leaders.
Sorority life doesn't just create a mold for a cookie-cutter basic girl. In fact, most sororities are in the mindset of breaking those molds. Instead of forcing girls to become one type of person, it's all about improving who we already are. A sorority teaches young women how to become a leader by being exactly who she is, and believe me, that makes for the most impactful sort of leaders. Don't believe me? Just take a look at the amazing women who can throw what they know: Katie Couric, Carrie Underwood, Tory Burch, and Condolezza Rice just to name a few.

5. We love philanthropy.
It's kinda a huge deal to us! Victims of Domestic Violence, The Ronald McDonald House, The Special Olympics, Autism Speaks, The Make-A-Wish Foundation, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, the list of philanthropic organizations that sororities love and help goes on and on.

6. Community service is our hobby.
Maybe hobby doesn't explain it well enough; it's our passion. The look on someone's face when you do something selfless for them is all the payment we need.

7. Raising money is our biggest strength.
Remember all those organizations we help listed earlier? Well imagine thousands of dollars each year being raised for those, because it actually happens.

8. We make a difference.
Not just with community service or philanthropy events, but in our jobs and our classes as well. We are looked to as leaders and we intend to act that way by doing something to make the world better each day.

9. We strive to be our best.
Each day we know that we wear our letters and represent something bigger than ourselves. That pushes to be our best in every endeavor of life.

10. We hold our values high.
Every sorority is built on values, and we hold those high in our lives. End of story.

11. We have a league of other greek friends.
Just like the justice league or the avengers, we too have our community of people who value similar things and join together to help other. Maybe we don't save people from alien attacks, but we might if that ever happened.

12. We're dedicated and have big hearts.
While society likes to paint a picture that we are all privileged and spoiled, we actually work incredibly hard to get the things we want. Our sororities have taught us that.

Sorority women are the modern day Wonder Women of their communities. But it's no big deal; we're just changing the world one philanthropy event at a time.

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