I know what you're thinking -- only 12 reasons? Why not 100? Why not 1000?

Well, I didn't want to overwhelm. But the truth is that Panera Bread is the best place not only to do work or homework but also to meet friends, eat a quick lunch or just relax on your own.

The only real downside is that they use Pepsi products; so honestly, let's hear it for Ron Shaich and Louis Kane.

1. So. Many. Choices.

Are you looking for soup? Salad? A sandwich? Pasta? OR you can get half orders of two of them!! It's literally the best of both worlds.

2. ...but they're good for you.

That list that Panera posts near the counter (above) of everything that ISN'T in their food is so comforting... even though I don't know what half of them mean...

3. The Baguettes

I guess it's ironic that this follows #2 because they really are not under that category, but who cares; you can't have a Panera meal without the baguette.

4. Free Wi-Fi


It's pretty consistent and fast wi-fi as well. This is a great place to work.

5. Bagel Tuesdays

Do you need 13 bagels on Tuesdays for a budget of $6.99/baker's dozen? Wow, how cool is it that Panera is just what you need! Plus everyone loves bagels.

6. Sometimes they just like... give you things.

Panera hires the nicest people; so often I'll go in and order just a drink because I know I'll be there for a while and they just hand it to me. So thank you, even though this might get somebody in trouble (I hope it doesn't). Or there'll be one cookie left and they give it to you because the one you wanted wasn't there. If the goal is to make me feel good so that I come back and spend more money there... you've succeeded.

7. Cozy

The booths are comfy and I love the fireplaces.

8. Iced Green Tea

Ok, enough said. If you haven't tried it, please do. Order the big cup.

9. Refuge

My friend once said, "You know you're safe if you see a Panera Bread." And how true is that? Panera is perfect for hiding from the outside world with a soup bread bowl.

10. Food Donation

I love that, at the end of every day, Panera donates leftover food to local food banks. Thank you.

11. Rewards Club

Free stuff on my birthday? Randomly receiving free coffee for a year? Heck yes.

12. Convenient Hours

It is so great that they are open until 10 because, yes, I really do want dinner that late. Even though I had lunch here too and I've been here for nine hours.