When I entered college I never planned on joining a Greek organization. My first semester I made the decision to pledge for the sisters of Zeta Delta Tau. I made the decision to pledge for these girls because I truly liked them and I felt I could fit in and contribute to the organization for the better. My line started with six girls and ended with four, myself included. Upon entering the pledge process I had not known any of my line sisters prior, which is not uncommon. We were all essentially strangers to one another. In a short time span I quickly became attached to each of my line sisters. The four of us created a bond that only line siblings can share, I'm confident that any member of a Greek organization knows what I'm talking about! They quickly became some of my best friends. Here is a list of why your line siblings will always be your best friends;

1. You will have an endless amount on inside jokes with each other.

2. You will spend about 15(ish) hours day, seven days a week together for your entire pledge process, you get used to their presence.

3. You always have someone to rely on when you want to get food, lunch dates are the best.

4. They've seen you at your worst and at your best and still don't judge you.

5. They know how to cheer you up when your sad.

6. You will never have to drink alone because someone is always willing to get drunk with you.

7. You will never have to go to a party alone ever again, or they're willing to help make your own.

8. There will always be an endless supply of clothes to trade.

9. What's yours is theirs and vice versa.

10. They will be brutally honest with you.

11. They still keep in touch even after they leave college.

12. Reunions are highly anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed.