12 Pop Punk Songs That Are All-Too-Real During Midterms
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12 Pop Punk Songs That Are All-Too-Real During Midterms

Do you have the time to listen to me whine?

12 Pop Punk Songs That Are All-Too-Real During Midterms
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Who did not love pop punk back in the mid 2000s? It just understood you. It connected to you in a way that no adult could. Whether or not we have grown out of the days of trashing our own house parties when nobody came or hanging out behind the club on the weekend — there is one level that we will always relate to pop punk on: frustration and pain. And what do those go hand in hand with? That's right — midterms! So, if midterms are making you pull your hair out, read on for some all-too-relatable songs, complete with lots of nostalgia!

*Note: You may not get some of these lyrics references if you do not know pop punk songs well, but if you never listened to pop punk, this is something you should definitely read — what have you been missing out on?

1. "Basket Case" — Green Day

The title of this song literally describes how you feel during midterms. Oh roommate, do you have the time to listen to me whine — about everything and nothing all at once?

2. "In Too Deep" — Sum 41

Midterms is definitely a time when you feel, well, in too deep. Like, why did I take all these classes? Why did I sign up for 50 clubs at the club fair ... and actually commit to all of them? Why did I even go to college? I am trying to keep up above in my head, instead of going under ... this pile of work I have yet to do ...

3. "Dead on Arrival" — Fall Out Boy

Let's be real, this song is actually about how midterms kill us. I mean, "A rivalry goes so deep, between me and this loss of sleep over you?" Not to mention, you probably will appear "dead on arrival" when get back to your dorm after that huge test ... or when you come to take the test ... or even when you sit down to begin studying ...

4. "I'm Just a Kid" — Simple Plan

Seriously, why are these professors doing this to me? I'm just a kid! Life is such a nightmare, I know that it is unfair — and I am pretty sure the whole word is having more fun than me tonight — except not because — oh yeah, midterms! Seriously, professors don't care about whether or not you are "just a kid — they will kill you with work anyway.

5. "It Ends Tonight" — The All American Rejects

This song is about a relationship — a painful relationship with midterms. Oh midterms, your subtleties, they strangle me, I cannot explain myself at all. Thankfully, once darkness turns to light, aka at 6 a.m. when I'm finally done studying, it will end tonight! It is a miserable night I do not want to remember, thank you very much.

6. "Dammit" — blink-182

The two thoughts that cross through your mind during midterms: 1) Dammit, and 2) (grudgingly) Well, I guess this is growing up (but that does not mean that I do not hate it). Need I say more?

7. "High School Never Ends" — Bowling For Soup

Weeee, high school is over! While Bowling for Soup is not completely wrong, the whole damn world in college is slightly more mature than the high school world. Contrary to the song lyrics, people obsess a little less over who is the best dressed and who is having sex. But does that also mean no more all-nighters, unfair teachers, and tests that give you panic attacks? Heh, no.

8. "The Anthem" — Good Charlotte

If you were like any cool 2000s kid, this was your anthem when you were in fourth grade, and if you are a college student studying for midterms, it is still is! Every day of midterms is a new day, but it all feels old. You are told it is a good life, but everything all just feels the same. Maybe you went to college (a university) to get a real job (that is what they said to me), but you could never live the way they (your parents) want you to. Let's face it. Midterms are the time when you basically want to just throw (all) your hands up and scream to all of the successful adults in your life, "I do not ever wanna be you!"

9. "Brain Stew" – Green Day

"My eyes feel like they are going to bleed? Dried up and bulging out my skull? My mouth is dry, my face is numb?" Okay, if this song was not written by someone while they were studying for midterms, I would love to know what situation they were actually in. If your mind is not set on overdrive as you try to cram in that last study sesh, the clock is not laughing in your face when you are still trying to finish that paper at 5 a.m. and your brain does not actually turn into "brain stew" — are you even really college-ing correctly?

10. "Motivation" — Sum 41

You may choose this song to try to stay motivated for midterms, but it reinforces your feelings to stay unmotivated. "Motivation is such an aggravation, inspiration is getting hard to fake (it), and concentration is never hard to break (it). This kind of situation is never where you want it to be."

11. "Anthem Part Two" — blink-182

One of Blink's extremely underrated (but really freaking awesome) songs, this song is technically about how society holds us accountable for our flaws when the adults are at fault for them. But is it really them to blame? Nope, it is midterms. This song is accurate to the core from the very first line — "everything has fallen to pieces, earth (well, maybe just me) is dying, please help me Jesus. We really need guidance, we have been misled." Not to mention that the chorus is basically an ode to midterms, "we never wanted to be abused, we will never give up (well maybe we will), it is no use because then we will fail out of school" — but if we are f***ed up, YOU are to blame, midterms!

12. "The Middle" — Jimmy Eat World

I am pretty sure everyone should know this song. It described your life when you felt out of place in middle school, and now it details your feelings in the middle of the semester (no pun intended). But this song provides an extremely important message, one that you will need to survive midterms: "It just takes some time, (little girl) you are in the middle of the ride (semester), and EVERYTHING (everything) will be just fine." I promise, midterms are just the middle of the ride. Everything will work out in the end, as long as you remember to blast out this song (and every other pop punk song) while studying.

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