12 Pictures Of Puppies To Brighten Up Your Day
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12 Pictures Of Puppies To Brighten Up Your Day

I promise, these puppies will cheer up even the saddest human.

12 Pictures Of Puppies To Brighten Up Your Day

This past week, Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States.

And that's the last we're going to be talking about that! Because today, all we're going to do is look at a lot of cute puppies. The real world can wait; these little guys are too cute not to see!

1. This pug snuggled in a blanket:

I mean, look at that cute face! It just makes you want to snuggle up next to him.

2. This little guy and his way too big toy:

Seriously, that chew toy is almost bigger than his body!

3. This cute collection of angels:

The three musketeers of adorableness! What furry little faces.

4. This chihuahua in a cup:

I mean, we don't deserve this level of cuteness! It's too much!

5. This precious baby in a Santa hat:

No matter what holidays you celebrate, you've got to admit that this guy is a cutie. And he's sleeping! It's almost too much.

6. This grown-up puppy looking dashing:

Those eyes just beg for your attention!

7. This tired pup:

And now you can't move your hand until he decides to leave (although hopefully that never happens).

8. Another puppy in a blanket:

And still just as cute!

9. This sly dog:

That side eye changes nothing, we still think you are so cute!

10. This precious flower, in a garden of flowers:

What an excellent picture for an excellent pup!

11. And another puppy with a chew toy:

Those eyes have won my heart!

12. And last, but not least, this cutie in the grass:

You can't say no to a face like that!

And there you have it, some cute puppies to brighten up your day. When times get tough, all you need is a little pup.

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