We all have little, seemingly insignificant things that makes us happy. They are unique to us because of the way we see the world. These particular things might make us happy because they have a personal story and meaning behind them or just because we think they're nice. These things can brighten our day a little and give us a good feeling inside.

I feel like we sometimes take these things for granted. Because they are so small, we forgot the joy that they bring us. It's important to remember these things in the times that we feel discouraged or sad. We can do our best to surround ourselves with things that make us smile a little brighter.

These are some things that make me happy:

1. Sunsets

2.Old Photos

3.Book Stores

4. Concerts

5. When dogs get excited to see me (or excited in general)

6. Shooting stars

7. Those deep conversations about the meaning of life that usually follows seeing a shooting star

8. Hipster coffee shops

9. Big fluffy blankets

10. Finding the perfect gift that you know that person will love

11.The smell of a campfire

12. Family movie/game nights