Finals Week: when coffee becomes the dominant food group, sleeping in a chair is socially acceptable, and the only emotions you’re capable of expressing are laughing and crying.

Whether you've been in the Chemistry labs for the last fifteen hours, built a make-shift bed in Showker, or have been living off Carrier's Starbucks croissants for the last week, here are twelve extremely cheesy and relevant puns that you may be tired enough to think are hysterical.

1. First, some encourage(mint) for those of you with that stack of 400+ notecards– may it take you less time to study them than it took to make them.

2. Even though it may feel a little bit rough right now, I can assure you this week will be… (insert Barney Stinson smirking here)

3. Not laughing yet? Either you haven't been studying long enough or you haven't read this next pun. It will most definitely give you a laugh (or a tickle).

4. For all you Chem majors out there that desperately needed this:

5. And what article is complete without a politically relevant slice of Berned toast?

6. Unless you’re avoiding carbs to maintain that beach body you’re going to be using in about week (if you can get out of the English final alive of course).

7. And on that note, let this be your formal reminder that summer is coming. At the end of this week, you are one step closer to that tan you've been dreaming of for about.... eight months now?

8. Or maybe you've snagged that perfect internship. Ya know, that one in the city, $15 an hour pay (we all wish). If not, it's okay! Romaine calm- it will all work out.

9. And that coffee break you've been putting off for the last half hour? Go reward yourself, you earned it.

10. For those of us wishing we were watching/reading/thinking about Harry Potter instead of studying:

11. Looking for the perfect pick up line for that cute guy/girl sitting across the table? Look no further. (Disclaimer: may only be suited for science majors- use only if a science textbook is present and/or a white board covered with complicated equations)

12. And if for some reason you’ve gotten through this list of terribly amazing puns and didn’t even crack a smile, study for a few more hours, then reread. For those of you that did, I hope you feel like this whale.