It's the holiday season! Finally. This is also the season of giving. For some, this is easy. Get all your shopping done on black Friday (or cyber Monday) and you're set to go. For others getting the perfect gift is extremely hard to figure out. So, if you're still looking to give a gift, give a little more with the gifts below.

1. Hippopotamus for Christmas - I'll take two.

Through the World Wildlife Fund you can actually donate to fund worldwide conservation efforts. You can choose what species you want to "adopt" so you can give your s/o a freaking lion if you wanted to... or you could be trendy and go with a llama. Yes. That is an option.

2. Jumping on the FTK Bandwagon.

I know everyone is always sharing their funds pages... but now you have an even better reason to donate. It's a twofer (two for one) deal. Not to mention the Childrens Miracle Network makes the day so much brighter for so many children and families every day! Let's make the holidays even brighter.


3. I'll Be Home for Christmas.

What a catchy WW2 song, but it's so valid even for today's soldiers! Help some soldiers who have already made their journey home and are in transition back to their American lifestyles. The Wounded Warrior Project has a dollar for dollar donation match for the season. How could you say no to that?

4. Truly and A+ Gift.

You can actually adopt a classroom! Adopt a Classroom aims to help offset costs of classroom materials so kids can have a better education.I'll be the first to raise my hand for this one!

5. Pass the Plate Around Please.

Through Feeding America, you can help out those families who may be in need this holiday season. This is an amazing way to help share the love and the food!

6. Support.

Mental health is a wonderful gift that can often be overlooked. CAMH is a great resource to help support those who are progressing towards a brighter tomorrow. Be thoughtful.

7. Santa is Getting Old.

According to the Salvation Army, 1 in 7 elderly are affected by dementia. They have created a means to which we can provide resources for all those getting old with Santa. Make sure you're on the nice list.

8. Great Idea Einstein.

The US International Rescue Committee reaches out a helping hand for those who are in crisis. Fun fact about this charity is that it was madeby request of Einstein. That's when you know it's a good idea.

9. All About the Kids.

The holidays are great for everyone, but there's something extra magical about them for children. There are so many amazing groups out there set on making this season a happy time for all kids. This link actually lists quite a few, the more the merrier!

10. Rudolph the ~read~ Nose Reindeer.

I purposely wrote read instead of red. We do have editors you know. What you might not know though is that 1 in 4 children grow up without learning to read. How can you help? Read the link (select literacy)

11. Santa Paws.

If you can't give me a puppy for Christmas, making sure one is healthy, warm, and fed will do too! Donations to the Humane Society provide love, compassion, and care for all those little animals out there who may not have a home!

12. Park it Here.

The National Parks Service works to provide the best experience for park goers while sustaining these incredible sites. Get away from the city sidewalks, busy sidewalks, and dress yourself in some outdoorsy holiday cheer.