Each time I say that I am an English major, I am met with virtually the same response each and every time. However, when I meet another English major, I immediately want to be best friends, as we have so much in common. Here is a list of things that we *bookish* people can relate to. (Yes, the pun was intended. Enjoy!

1) You are always asked what your favorite book/ who your favorite author is.

I should have this tattooed on my body for the world to see. I have far too many favorite books and authors that I like to pick just one. Like books, I have chapters tha (Although right now, I am LOVING anything by Emily Giffin.)

2) Your favorite class consists of less than twenty people.

It was awkward on the first day because of the small size. However, once we all discovered how psycho we each were individually, we came together like buttah.

3) You get slightly offended when another professor corrects your work.

I know that for me, it was just a few weeks ago when my Geology professor corrected a story I had written for her class. I thought that using Hurricane Katrina as a metaphor for adversity and the spirit of New Orleans was a good thing. Her? Not so much.

4) Reading is your homework most of the time, and you love every second of it.

One of the coolest things that I have discovered about being an English major is actually getting to immerse myself in literature completely. I love that I get to read forty pages of a novel or play for homework.

5) No, we don't all love Shakespeare.

I like Willy boy to an extent, but some of his work makes me want to do something crazy, like vote for Trump.

6) Puns are a second language.

My friends try to annoy me with their bad bird puns all of the time, but toucan play that game. My pun game is so strong, it's not even punny.

7) Listening and or reading other people's grammar is like a rollercoaster from hell.

See: cash me ousside girl. She has five million followers from a phrase that essentially means that she wants to choke a b***h.

8) You read with a highlighter or pen in hand, even if just for pleasure reading.

I never want to forget things, whether they be tidbits of life advice, or really beautiful things that I would not have thought about.

9) Your vocabulary is extensive.

I was recently on the phone with my cousin and used the word "serendipitously," and she had no idea what that meant. It is funny to catch people of guard with the amount of words that you can use.

10) You hate when people generalize English majors as a "bunch of liberals."

I know many liberal English majors, but there are also a good bit of conservative ones, too. It's all cool, we put our differences aside and read, and it's something that the world could really do right now.

11) People are genuinely shocked when they realize that English majors want to do more than write or teach.

Some of my best friends want to go to law school. If Elle Woods can get into Harvard with a fashion degree, then they can and do anything they want to with an English degree. They are true B.A.s (I said that my pun game was strong, right?)

12) You would not change anything about your major.

Being an English major is establishing a new connection with people, places, and things, otherwise known as nouns. It has allowed me to see the world from a new perspective, and I am eternally grateful for said perspective.