12 Chocolate GIFs That Will Temper Your Addiction


Where do I even begin?

Have you ever tasted something as beautiful and serene as it looks? I mean, seriously: whether it's hot or cold, solid or liquid, even cartoon chocolate looks delicious.

Of course, like any other chocolate addict on the face of this Earth, I've lied to myself from time to time and tried to believe I could live without it. Well, let's be honest: that's just not a life I want to live.

So, in an effort to prevent myself from buying half the baking aisle at my local grocery store, I put together a list of food-porn-worthy GIFs instead.

I apologize in advance if I lead you directly into temptation, but just one bite will deliver us from evil.

1. My personal favorite: Warm Chocolate Cake

A staple on every Carnival cruise ship.

2. Not a fan? What if it's inside out?

Imagine if Niagara Falls were chocolate. Maid of the Mist? More like Maid of the (Hershey's) Kiss-ed.

3. Or, we can skip the cake all together.

We're addicts, we don't have time to wait on a preheating oven.

4. Although some days we like to keep it classy...

What's inside? Cookie dough? Peanut butter? MORE chocolate?! The suspense is killing me.

5. ... but some days, we wish we were this bird.

"She's beauty, she's grace, she wants chocolate all over her face."

6. It's just so silky smooth.

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor.

7. I mean, just look at it.

The rest of it doesn't even move. It just waits for the next swipe of a fork. How could you not give in?

8. Too lazy for a fork?

Grab a straw.

8. It's so versatile.

You can dip anything in it, even more chocolate (especially more chocolate).

9. Not to mention, it's artistic as hell.

Seriously, the effort that goes into desserts so people can have a few moments of bliss. Now that is dedication.

10. It's beautiful in every form.

Just like us, even when we stuff our faces.

11. Remember: never forget to lick the bowl.

A spoon just isn't enough.

12. At the end of the day, it's always worth it.

Happy Eating!

What's your favorite form to indulge?
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