When the ball dropped to mark the end of 2016--which, being denoted as one of the worst years of all time, shortly became a meme in and of itself--the prospects of new beginnings struck a deep chord with the millennial population throughout the country. 2017 is the year to embrace the age-old adage "New year, new me" (or, if you're not so age old, "new number, who dis?"), so here are some suggestions for New Years Resolutions that you can (hopefully!) realistically achieve this year:

1) Get educated on topics you don't know much about.

2) Consider the impact of your actions more fully.

3) Be kinder to others.

4) Dedicate yourself to doing something you love.

5) Treat yourself!!!!

6) Give more of yourself to others.

7) Spend more time by yourself, figuring out who you are and what you want.

8) Volunteer more for causes you care about.

9) Be willing to make yourself more vulnerable.

10) Accept and embrace your imperfections.

11) Have fun and live life to the fullest!