Writers come in a wide variety, ranging from eccentric to secretive. These creators come from all around and want to show off their range of skills. Knowing which writer you are dealing with will help establish how to converse with them, whether it be feedback or motivation. Writers are an imaginatively wild bunch. Here are the most distinctive:

1. The writer who doesn't write.

You enjoy writing but call yourself a writer. However, you never "have enough time to write." We writers know writing is hard, and so some of us tend to put it off. If you are the writer who doesn't write, you are like the majority of us: getting distracted by the internet, television and movies, video games, or whatever your favorite form of procrastination is. Carry on, fellow procrastinators. There's always tomorrow (or the next day).

2. The ambitious writer.

You're the kind of writer who likes a challenge. NaNoWriMo is child's play to you. When you write, you aim for as many words and as many projects as possible. If you could be writing, you better believe that you will be writing. You're the type of writer who enjoys jumping headfirst into the rabbit-hole of your work-in-progresses. Keep it up, zealous writers, your discipline is an inspiration to us all.

3. The fanfiction addictions.

You are the writer who enjoys writing about the characters you love without any expectations. Fanfiction has become near and dear to many internet users' hearts, and creators of this literature have given their creativity with no expectation of being published. You are the type of writer who enjoys adding your own two-cents to your favorite characters. Write on, you creative content innovators.

4. The coffee shop writer.

You're the writer who needs to be seen in public without wanting to be disturbed in public. Maybe your apartment or local library has seen too much of you this week, or maybe you need a good cup of Joe while pounding away at that keyboard; either way, you are some of the most known writers there are. Stay true to yourselves, traditionalists. You are making your presence known while getting those words written.

5. Serial character murderers.

You are the merciless writers who enjoy having your own personal graveyard of characters you have created. It won't do any good to just have one character be killed off -- there has to be at least three. You gain sustenance from the tears of your readers and won't listen to anyone who tells you that you have gone too far. Slay on, ruthless writers.

5. The bucket-listers.

You are the writer who is fine only writing one book in their life, an item off your bucket list. You don't want the stress of editing for hours on end, or the hassle of thinking how to connect a series of novels together. No. You like it to stand alone and be a reflection of yourself. Type on, bucket-listers, because the world's your oyster.

7. The plot bunny breeders.

You enjoy collecting as many story ideas as possible without necessarily knowing how to connect them. When you walk down the street, hear a new tune, or stay up too late, a new idea will spring to you, and it is so innovative that you have to store it with its siblings before you can think of how to fit it into the story. Don't forget to write those ideas down, because plot bunnies have been known to vanish minutes after you spot them. Continue imagining, plot bunny breeders, you make the written world more interesting.

8. The self-proclaimed genius.

You are the writer who believes everything you write is perfect the first time you write it. Nothing about your ideas could be misconstrued because it's just as you imagined it. You are the writer who believes they know everything there is to know about writing, and other's need to take a chapter out of your book (not literally, though). Keep your word count as high as your confidence.

9. The writer whose characters are "real."

You will never convince these writers that their characters and worlds are fictional. You know those characters have told you their stories and you will be their voice for as long as needed. These characters are your muse and you love each and every one of them. Hold that muse close to you and write their story till they've no more story to offer.

10. Hush-hush writers.

You have a secret, and it's everything you are writing. Everything is password-protected and you triple check that no one is reading behind your should while you write. No one is allowed to know anything about your story for reasons only you know. Maybe your literary agent will be the first to see the manuscript in all its glory, or maybe you never want it to see the light of day. Follow your instincts, hush-hush writers, for as long as you are happy with what's on the page, it doesn't matter if anyone else knows about it.

11. My-way-or-the-highway writers.

Critique? Criticism? Constructive feedback? Those are some of the words you will hear. How dare someone insult what you have spent so much time on? It is perfect and they must be crazy for not seeing what you see in it. You are the mama bear of writers, and you don't enjoy when someone attacks your cubs. Keep that passion fueled.

Now that you've seen some of the wide diversity of writers, understanding them will be easier. Creating content can be taxing on a person, so make sure you know how to best walk into a conversation with your fellow artistic person.

If you are a writer, tag yourself with which one you are or let me know if you aren't on this list!