Only a small group of people will really be able to relate, but for that small group you know what I'm talking about. Those moments you have in college when your newspaper background is showing. These are those moments:

1. Your friends always ask you to edit their papers.

2. You constantly find errors in your textbooks.

3. You’re the only non-graphic design student who knows how to use InDesign and Photoshop.

4. You know better than anyone how to get stuff done under pressure, which comes in handy when you procrastinated on that paper due tomorrow.

5. You judge every advertisement your school puts out, especially those cheesy brochures full of stock photos.

6. It pains you when there is a typo on your professors’ lecture slides.

7. You’re the quickest at taking notes by hand during a lecture due to your note taking practice during interviews.

8. You respect a deadline better than anyone because you know its true importance.

9. Your presentations and projects look better than everyone else’s because of your keen eye for layout.

10. You have a weird thing about fonts, and you can probably identify most fonts with great accuracy.

11. When everyone complains about getting assigned a research paper, you are excited because that’s a breeze for you.