11 Times Monica Geller Was The OG 'Mom Friend'

Don't even deny it — Monica Geller was the OG "mom friend." Every mom friend can relate to her in one way or another, so here are 11 times Monica proved that she was the original mom friend, especially of '90s sitcoms.

1. When she opened up her apartment to Rachel when she ran away from home and helped her adjust to real life.

If there's one thing mom friends know how to do, it's take care of our friends.

2. She also always gave the best advice.

Mom friends are also the one everyone turns to.

3. When she was always concerned with the little things.

Because, well, who else is gonna worry about that kind of stuff?

4. When everyone went to her when they needed something done.

5. When she passed on her "knowledge" to Chandler.

Us mom friends are, more often than not, some of the most intelligent ones in our friend groups and, subsequently, have lots to teach our friends.

6. When she freaked over not being able to clean up her apartment.

Mom friend = the clean friend.

7. When she was also the most organized friend.

8. When she made it clear that she's *always* the hostess.

When you're the mom friend, your friends are always at your place, eating your food, and you wouldn't want it any other way.

9. When she was just a little controlling of her friends.

We wouldn't be the MOM friend if we weren't just a liiiiitle bit controlling.

10. She was the one who planned all of the friends' activities and birthday parties.

Mom friends LOVE to plan.

11. When she knew her friends judged her for her OCD but didn't care anyway.

We deal with a lot of making fun of for being the mom friend, but honestly, what would our friends do without us?

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