25 Texts You've Sent If You're The 'Mom Friend'

Mom friends usually get a healthy amount of teasing from their friends about the things they worry about, but we only worry because we care. Yes, that's why we texted you three times in a row, and no, we're not going to stop because you laughed at the fourth notification.

1. Are you home safe?

It's important that I know you are.

2. How are you feeling?

The partner text to a rowdy night.

3. Drink some water.

Staying hydrated is important.

4. How's your paper going?

You had a busy week this week and it's important someone checks in on you.

5. A happy holidays text in the group message

Squad greetings.

6. Where are you?

Because you're picking someone up at some point and everyone knows it.

7. Time to go

You don't need to call your ex, you need to get home and get in bed.

8. What time are we meeting at the library?

Group study sessions are mom friend approved for sure.

9. You should wear that [insert clothing item here].

It's important to hype up your friends.

10. Don't talk about your mom like that.

We stick with real moms, as honorary moms.

11. Your parents were great!

Because if your friends' parents are coming into town you're going to meet them.

12. Did your parents like me?

Parental approval is important to everyone, but mom friends kind of need it.

13. Don't drink too much!

It's common sense, but it's important someone actually says it.

14. Let me take a picture of you guys when you get here

Your friends have a new boyfriend and it's your duty as mom friend to photograph it.

15. You got this!

Encouragement is key.

16. I'm worried about you

Honestly, we're always worried.

17. Here's the plan

You've got a schedule ready and everyone better get there on time.

18. Don't forget [followed by literally anything]

You're like a built in calendar.

19. What is everyone doing tonight?

Checking in? Always.

20. I'm bringing snacks

Even if you're not hosting, you're always kind of hosting.

21. I have that

Whether it's an extra blanket, white out, or a bandaid. You have it and you'll bring it to your friend in need.

22. Be safe

Important and translates to "I love you."

23. I'll have my phone on

Tinder date? Your friends are going out partying without you? The volume on your ringer is up and you're ready to save the day.

24. I got a card

Everyone just needs to sign it.

25. I'm coming over

Because sometimes a text isn't enough.

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