Prom, next to her wedding day, is the most special day of a woman's life. I dreamed about my prom experience from the moment I knew that an extravaganza such as prom even existed. Once you reach high school, you daydream about prom. You wonder who is going to ask you. You wonder what your dress will look like. You wonder how many pictures you'll're a college student and you wonder how prom went by so fast!!!

Here are the thoughts every girl in college has about missing prom:

1. Advertisements for gowns still popup on your Facebook news feed and it feels like a dagger to the heart.

2. You look through your prom albums and get teary eyed thinking about the crazy weekend you had with your high school friends.

3. You feel envious of the high school girls posting pictures of their gowns.

4. But secretly, when you look at other girls gowns, you compare yours and confirm yours is still better.

5. If you know a girl going to prom, you jump at the chance to go prom gown shopping with her just to relive the experience.

6. You consider trying on your dress for old times sake, then you realize that it would be pathetic. Or maybe it wouldn't you put it on anyway. No one has to know, right?

7. You consider becoming a cougar just to get asked to prom again.

8. When you hit the mall with your friends, you get the urge to try on gowns with them.

9. If you do try on gowns, you brainstorm all the places you could possibly wear this gorgeous gown you had no reason to try on.

10. After brainstorming, you grasp that you will never have an event to wear this gown to...unless...

11. You and your friends rally for a college prom.