11 Truths You Quickly Learned Growing Up A Tomboy

11 Truths You Quickly Learned Growing Up A Tomboy

Converse at school dances, obviously.

A tomboy can be described as a girl (usually young) who enjoys rough, noisy activities traditionally associated with boys. And if you grew up as a tomboy, you know that there are a few traits that linger in your life because of it.

1. You know all of the playground rules

Pick up basketball, kickball, touch football, 33, you know them all and used to win them all.

2. Having no pictures with your friends from Elementary School

Because the boys never wanted to pose for photos and you always wanted to be cool with that.

3. You were way behind on makeup

Your thick eyeliner stage was three years after everyone else actually knew how to apply their own.

4. Converse at every school dance

Because you were too cool for heels.

5. Always claiming you didn't have any crushes

Once you liked any of the boys you knew you'd be ousted from being part of the group.

6. Your transformations are the best

Because front bangs and baggy hoodies to your college self is quite a bit of change.

7. Lingering misogyny

Because being one of the boys always made you wary of "other girls" and you're still learning to get over that because other girls are great.

8. Having to buy all the basic items

Because you never had a ton of necklaces you could choose from, now if you need one you have to go out and buy it new.

9. You missed a lot of the middle school trends

You were too busy asking your mom to buy you jerseys to get feathers in your hair (and now you miss out on embarrassing bonding moments because of it).

10. Home team sports knowledge

Even though you might not always keep up, you have a lot of knowledge on the 2012 Browns team floating around in your head.

11. Fond memories

For all of the bad that came with being a tomboy, and growing out of certain parts of being a tomboy, it's a big part of who you are and you wouldn't trade it.

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Why Loving Clothes Shopping is Important

learn to love to shop!

Clothes shopping can be stressful, daunting, and uncomfortable. It is something that I dreaded for my whole life. It was always so full of promise when I first walked into a store but it always ended with sadness when nothing looked right on me. I would remember why I hated going shopping in the first place and would end up being depressed over it. The mirrors in the changing rooms only made it worse because it was just another reminder of why I hated clothes shopping. It took me until I turned 23 to love shopping again. I began being able to fit into clothes and became more adventurous with trying on things that I never would have in the past. I was losing weight in a healthy way and I finally began to shop in a better mood. I would walk into stores with my head held high and ready to find something to try on. I love trying on pretty tops and feeling so excited when I saw how amazing they looked on me. I love being able to walk out of a store with something that I really love and that I could not wait to wear. I wish that I could have found this feeling of happiness sooner. Some of the things that I do know when I shop now are as follows:

  1. Find one thing that really catches your eye: I search the store for something that really catches my attention. It could be a top, a bottom or a dress whatever it is, I make sure that there is something special about it.
  2. Take Multiple Sizes: Every stores sizing is different. Do not get discouraged when you find something in a size that would fit you somewhere else and it ends up not fitting here. I come to accept this one. I would rather feel comfortable in what I have on then be stuffed into it.
  3. Search the Clearance and Sale Racks: These are the best places to look for things because not only are they marked down but there are so many different options.
  4. Make sure it REALLY fits: Test it out, walk around, make sure that you can breathe and feel comfortable in what you have on. This one is really important because I now only buy what I feel good in.
  5. Have Fun: Shopping should not have to be dreadful, it should be something that you can do with ease.

If anything, make sure that you buy something that you really love and can see yourself wearing. Do not just buy something to buy it, you should really love it. It took me so long to love my clothes and even longer to love shopping for them. Loving this experience has really opened up my eyes to what is out there for me. I hope this helps you too!

Shop on!

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Breaking Body Conformity

Because I am sick of hearing people talk about body image

I am so sick of everyone trying to categorize every body type. The media goes through phases. One second plus size is in, the next you have to be super skinny to the point that it is unhealthy, and then it switches to having an athletic body. It is a vicious cycle of what is the "in" body type, and if you aren't like the rest of them you are pushed to the side. We always talk about being body positive and embracing all body types, but in reality if you aren't the in type, you are just old news and shamed. Young woman and young girls are growing up in an age where the media rules, and honestly we are confused. One day I am told that I am beautiful, and the next I feel ashamed for my curves. It is time to break body conformity.

I want you all to know that you are beautiful inside and out. No matter what body type you are, forget about what the media says or the newest craze. It is all just a hoax to make a new headline. In reality, the opinions of the media mean nothing compared to what you think of yourself. That is the real opinion that matters. Listen to your own head and heart, not the nonsense that is thrown all over our TVs and magazines. Even those that are all over our magazines and TVs are sick of how they are portrayed.

Just be true to you, and that is all you need in life. Embrace your imperfections, love yourself for who you are, and only make a change if YOU want to. Don't doubt your worth. You are beautiful.

Cover Image Credit: Erin Curley

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