11 things that only best friends would understand
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11 things that only best friends would understand

These are things that best friends do constantly

11 things that only best friends would understand
Mackenzie Brown

"Best friend" is a term I'm sure most of us have used towards numerous amazing people that we have had the luxury of meeting while in the process of growing up. There is nothing more amazing than being able to call a person your best friend; it means support, laughter, adventure, love and so much more. Each person is so unique, which makes up for all types of very different friendships. I am so lucky to have the best friends I have as a part of my life.

Here are 11 things only best friends would understand:

1. If you are not being roasted at least 20 times throughout your day, you aren’t best friends. The classic mocking face you make at each other in public when you think nobody is looking, then realize everyone is, and you are now both basking in your complete ignorance. You want to get mad but then you remember you just made fun of them ten minutes ago and you had it coming.

2. When you communicate telepathically from across the room. My favorite is when someone sees you and your best friend struggling to get your point across, aggressively making head and hand gestures and wonders how you could possible understand what each other are saying. Trust me, we understand perfectly. Sometimes you even say the same thing at the same time.

3. Standing behind someone your best friend dislikes, doing super obnoxious things towards them silently. Meanwhile, your best friend is standing on the other side watching and laughing from a distance at how ridiculous you are.

4. Goes everywhere together and if they don’t go, you don’t go. That kind of friendship where you think they might have died if you haven’t spoken to them within the last five minutes because you can't even go to the corner and back without them.

5. Has laughing attacks about absolutely nothing. It is the kind of super obnoxious laughing that hurts your stomach so hard you can’t breathe. And if you were around anyone else they would think you were down right strange.

6. You can trust in sharing the aux cord because your minds are one and anything they play you know you will blast the volume and jam out to. Plus you have probably already shared playlists so you know exactly what to expect.

7. The group text messages holding every detail to each of your lives, continuing all day long everyday. If you don’t wake up to 5 missed messages, something isn't right. Some will respond more than others but you always know the whole crew is watching.

8. Accidentally match outfits. This can be super embarrassing but neither of you change because you’re both too on point; so you smile and nod at each others great taste.

9. Laughs super hard if one of your best friends falls; because you are over the honeymoon, coddling stage, and they would laugh at you just as hard if the roles were reversed. Might even take a picture or two just to remember the moment.

10. You have words that only have significant meaning to you and your best friends and you say them constantly. It's funny to watch as people around you nod and laugh even though they have no clue what you are saying.

11. You can get mad at your best friend but you can never stay mad because when you have something to tell someone, they are the first person you go to.

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