The 11 Best Things About Fall
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The 11 Best Things About Fall

Autumn is one of the best seasons and deserves our attention!

The 11 Best Things About Fall

September is here which means that fall is just around the corner! Fall is my favorite season as well as many others. In honor of the changing of the seasons, here are 11 of the best things about fall!

1. Football

The NFL football season has just started! Nothings says welcome to fall than rooting for your favorite teams (Go Vikings!) with family, friends and good food.

2. Sweaters

My favorite part of fall is being able to bring out my favorite sweaters from storage. They are cute and comfy and the best thing to wear for the season!

3. Halloween

One of the most fun holidays, Halloween is awesome because you can dress up in costumes and people give you free candy. What's not to like?

4. Pumpkin Everything

It's every where! From pie to coffee. Even Pop-Tarts has pumpkin flavored toaster pastries. At least it's delicious!

5. New TV Seasons

After waiting for months for the next season, fall premiers are a blessing. Thank goodness I no longer have to wait for new episodes of Gotham or Supernatural!

6. Weather

Finally the hot in humid of summer is gone and the cool, rainy fall weather is in. With the air cooling, the out doors once again become bearable! We can now get some fresh air without the fear of melting!

7. Leggings

The great thing about the weather cooling off is that it's finally cool enough to wear leggings. They are warm, comfortable and stylish, making them one of the best fashion statements. I literally can not wait to break out these bad boys!

8. Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the best meal of the year by far! With turkey, potatoes, casserole and pie all at one time, my mouth begins to water just thinking about it. Pair that with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and watching football with family, it's one of my favorite holidays!

9. Apple Season

Fall is apple season, meaning this is when they are their most juicy and delicious. My family and I always spend a day picking apples, just so we can get the best from right off the tree!

10. Leaves

One of the most beautiful aspects of nature is the changing of leaf colors in fall. It makes for great scenery and even better pictures. The fallen leaves are fun for kids and pets to roll around in and the aroma is wonderful!

11. The First Snow

Here in Minnesota, the first snow is almost always in the fall. Every year, it's like magic. Everyone gathers at the windows to watch the snowflakes mingle with the leaves. This is my favorite part of fall.

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