Thanksgiving May Be Over But I'm Still Incredibly Thankful
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Thanksgiving May Be Over But I'm Still Incredibly Thankful

I am truly blessed and I want to share with you what I am thankful for.

Thanksgiving May Be Over But I'm Still Incredibly Thankful

After being home for a wonderful Thanksgiving break, I wanted to sit and reflect about the things in my life that I am thankful for. In the spirit of the best holiday of the year, here are eleven things that I am thankful for each and every day of my life, in no particular order:

1. Family

Coming home for Thanksgiving break has given me the chance to see my family. I have not seen them since the beginning of August and every day I get to see my parents, my siblings, my grandparents and my extended family members, I am truly grateful. Family will always be in my life and friends may come in go, so I try and cherish every possible moment I can with my family when I am home from break since I cannot see them for an extended period of time.

2. Friends

Thanksgiving break means reconnecting with old friends and missing your friends from school. I miss Penn State and all the friends that I have made thus far, but it is nice to come home and meet up with some old friends and talk about how everyone's lives have changed. I am thankful for people who are always here to help me out when I need it whether they are new or old.

3. Good Food

Thanksgiving makes me thankful for good food. We get delicious turkey, macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes. Dinner with my family makes me thankful that I can come home to some good food and I can get away from that Penn State dining hall food.

4. My Hometown

I love Bucks County and I hope that I will get to live here for the rest of my life. The place is beautiful. I love the area and I want my kids to live in a wonderful area. The school districts are amazing and every little town is a quick drive away. I'm close to New Jersey and I'm close to Philadelphia, so I can go into the city or go to New Jersey whenever I would like. I love coming home to Bucks County because it's a refreshing change from State College and I am thankful to live in such a wonderful area.

5. Penn State

Penn State is the best school in the world. I don't care what anybody else says, but I love my school. I am thankful that I get to attend such a wonderful university and I am thankful that I get to watch us move up the ranks in the AP Top 25 Rankings and College Football Playoff Rankings. Penn State Football is back and I love my Penn State Men's Hockey Team. We have amazing sports and and an amazing education, so I am so thankful for my school.

6. The Opportunity To Learn

I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to learn. I love learning and I cannot wait to be a teacher so I can help others learn. I know not everybody has the opportunity to learn, so I am very thankful that I have always had a good education and that I am able to attend such an amazing school. I truly do love learning and I hope I can learn something new everyday of my life.

7. School Supplies

This may sound stupid, but I am thankful for school supplies. I love shopping for new school supplies and I even put school supplies down on my Christmas list. I hope I can get a new binder and nice pencils and I want a really nice pen. Nice school supplies make learning even more fun. I get to color code all my notes and make them look beautiful and it makes studying so much better.

8. Theo James

Honestly, I am so thankful for Theo James. I am so thankful for this attractive human being and the movies that he has starred in. If I am ever upset, I can just look at a picture of Theo James and it makes my day ten times better. I think I watched Divergent three times in two weeks a couple of weeks ago. I am thankful that is art is in my life but it would be even better if he himself was physically in my life.

9. Country Music

Country music is the music I listen to ninety-percent of the time. If I need a pick-me-up, the songs can put me in a good mood. If I need a sad song to listen to, I have a certain playlist of country songs that I can cry to. I will always listen to country, regardless of the season, just because it makes me so happy. I cannot wait to attend Happy Valley Jam and start attending country concerts again. I am always smiling when I listen to my favorite songs and because of this, I am thankful for country music.

10. Love

Although there is no significant other in my life right now, I am still thankful that I have the opportunity to love and be loved. I know my friends and family love me and I love them too. I am also thankful for those that I have loved and lost. Each person I have every loved has taught me something important in my life and even though these people are not in my life anymore, I am still thankful for the things they have taught me. Love is a powerful thing and I am so lucky that I get to continue experienced love's power throughout my life.

11. Life

I am thankful that I get to experience life. I cannot wait to experience the rest of what life has to offer me. I cannot wait to have a husband one day and we can bring a new life into this world. I cannot wait to see where life takes me. I am thankful that I get to wake up every day and breathe and I hope I can take advantage of each day life has to offer me. Life is short and I am thankful that I get to experience this life.

I am truly thankful for so many things in my life this Thanksgiving. I hope some of you have reflected on what makes you grateful and I hope you will wake up every morning and realize what you have and be grateful for it. I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!

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