11 Situations Anyone Who Is Trying To Be Healthy In College Has Totally Experienced

11 Situations Anyone Who Is Trying To Be Healthy In College Has Totally Experienced

Why is there pizza EVERYWHERE?

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Ah, college. The time in your life where you get your first taste of freedom, as well as your first cold slap in the face from reality. For many students, this is also the first time ever that they haven't been involved in a sport to keep them active and healthy. Combine this with a heightened level of stress and a dorm full of pizza-hungry friends, and you've got yourself the dreaded "Freshman Fifteen". Here are a few things that anyone who's trying to be healthy in college will understand.

1. Promising yourself at the beginning of the year that you're going to eat healthy every day.

Even if the salad bar gets a little repetitive, it's going to be worth it.

2. Breaking that promise the second you get stressed out and going to town on some fried food.

French fries count as a vegetable...don't they?

3. Feeling super guilty after breaking your diet, and promising you'll start again tomorrow.

Apparently, tomorrow = two weeks later.

4. Having a moment of panic when you lose your trusty water bottle.

It's been with you since day one (okay, maybe the first day of the semester...) and you're absolutely inseparable...until you can't find it. Time to turn your tiny dorm room upside down!

5. Setting an early alarm so you can work out before class, only to sleep through it and wake up 15 minutes before your 9 AM lecture.

You knew it was never going to happen.

6. Wondering if running to your class because you were going to be late counts as your daily cardio.

Bonus points if you stumble into the classroom completely out of breath.

7. Finding an awesome friend to work out with.

Finally, someone to hold you accountable!

8. Having that same friend convince you to skip the gym and order pizza.

Famous last words: "If we order two more items, our next pizza will be free!"

9. Wondering if gaining the Freshman Fifteen would really be so terrible.

Considering the fact that you basically live in sweatpants, would anyone even notice?

10. Realizing that you really have nothing to worry about.

In the long run, even if your body does change a bit in college, this is temporary, and not necessarily a bad thing. Your friends and family will still love you just as much as they did before; what's important is that you love yourself no matter what you look like.

11. Understanding that being healthy isn't just about eating right and exercising.

Health encompasses so much more than what society emphasizes. It's important that you take care of yourself mentally and spiritually as well as physically. Getting a few extra hours of rest or taking the time to do something you love is just as valuable as going for a run!

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