In the beginning of the semester we are all up to date with having due dates in mind and being all organized. Somewhere along the way everything flips and we become so overwhelmed with everything we need to do. Life just seems to get all hectic out of nowhere and we know we are definitely approaching either winter or summer break. These are a few ways we know we are nearing the end of the semester.

1. The project due dates are approaching

2. You're losing motivation for everything

3. All of you're meal dollars are gone

4. You struggle to even write a paragraph of your essay

5. You see pictures from back home and can not wait to be there

6. Mental breakdowns are becoming an everyday thing

7. You gave up trying to dress nice for class a long time ago

8. You try to set aside time for your work but just end up procrastinating for hours

9. Thirty minute naps are turning into five hour naps

10. All you think about is the food places you want to go when you go home for break

11. You've mentally checked out for the semester