50 Signs You're Over This Semester
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Student Life

50 Signs You're Over This Semester

50 Signs You're Over This Semester

1. Getting out of bed becomes more and more of a struggle everyday

2. Your bank account is pretty much nonexistent

3. You’d rather not eat, than eat caf food

4. You’ve had a million mental break downs already

5. Your percentage of giving a fuck is decreasing immensely everyday

6. You run on coffee

7. However not even coffee can help you get through some days anymore

8. You have a million assignments to do & decide to nap

9. Your room looks like a bomb went off

10. You’ve calculated your grades in every class to figure out how bad you can do on the final

11. You contemplate on skipping classes just about everyday

12. When you actually do go to class, you spend the entire time texting or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or anything that will distract you from the boring lecture.

13. You hate everyone

14. You no longer schedule your naps around class and homework, you schedule your class and homework around your naps

15. You feel like your brain is fried

16. All you want to do is sleep

17. You have no clean laundry

18. You’ve contemplated dropping out of school and finding a rich man or becoming a stripper numerous times

19. Sleep isn’t a thing anymore

20. You hate everyone in your classes because you spend too much time with them

21. Everyone’s freaking out about finals and you’ll just be happy to pass the class

22. You’ve stopped caring about what you look like

23. Sweatpants & messy bun is any everyday thing

24. Netflix somehow seems to always win, over homework

25. You have a countdown to summer

26. You just want to go home

27. All you do is complain about everything you have to do

28. Going to the gym is just not a thing anymore

29. You will find any excuse to go out drinking: Margarita Monday, Tequila Tuesday, Wine Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday

30.Your new life motto is “C’s get degrees”

31. You’ve started a new Netflix series….& finished it

32. College has become a series of “Just winging it”

33. You put the pro in procrastination

34.Y ou spend hours in the library

35. You’re an emotional mess

36. Your mood swings come in like a wrecking ball

37. All you can think about is summer break

38. Making it through a full week of classes has become a huge struggle

39. You’ve become a very negative person

40. Everything & everyone annoys you

41. You'd rather be sun bathing outside than in class

42. You start to wear the same shirt and leggings two days in a row, because your Monday/ Wednesday/Friday class has no clue what you wore Tuesday/Thursday.

43. You have absolutely no motivation

44. You say "I'm so over this semester" at least five times a day

45. It's the time where you're not sure if you're more scared to check your bank account or your grades.

46. You realize you have a few weeks to get your life together

47. Freshmanitis/sophomoreitis/Juniortis/Senioritis has seriously started to kick in

48. You find yourself daydreaming about random stuff in class

49. Your notes look more like a coloring book than notes

50. You are so beyond ready for summer bomb fires, late nights, feet in the sand and no worry in the world

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