1. Your idea of procrastinating is waiting until 3 days before an essay is due to start it

2. You usually have high C's or low B's when midterm comes around, but manage to crank out all A's by the end of the semester

3. You stress out big time before a really important test... even though you waited until the night before to start studying for it

4. You take every professors' warning of "this isn't an assignment you can wait until the day of to do" as a challenge or bet, and manage to still get A's or B's on every single one

5. You hate how much you procrastinate, but just can't seem to break your 15-year-long-habit of it no matter how hard you try

6. When an adult/coach/professor praises you for how good of a student you are, you can't help but laugh a little inside because you feel like you could be an even better one if you tried a little more

7. When people ask how you get such good grades you genuinely don't know what to tell them because you feel like you don't even deserve them

8. When you have a group project you don't give much input for the first few weeks, but right before it's due you end up taking over and redoing the whole thing on your own because you know the way your group is doing it will get you a high B, tops

9. Getting a C on a test gives you severe anxiety even though you should have gotten an F with the amount of studying you did

10. You genuinely feel bad for your classmates who studied for the test for 4 hours and got a C, when you studied for 30 minutes and got an A

11. 95% of your stress could be solved by managing your time more wisely, but the truth is, you kind of enjoy the thrill of putting things of until the last minute and still pulling off great grades