I became an aunt almost eight years ago and it still feels like yesterday. My niece is almost eight and my nephew is almost 6. It's such weird concept to be able to watch children grow up right in front of your eyes, even though they aren't yours. They still kind of are. My niece and nephew live 2,000 miles away. The couple times a year I see them makes it even more fun to see how much they've grown, what new gymnastics skill they can do, the new dinosaur facts they've learned, and who has a boyfriend or girlfriend (already). Growing up I wasn't really around little kids and don't have younger siblings, so my niece and nephew are the best little people ever. Here are 12 reasons why:

1. You don't have to have the kid.

I'm sorry I just couldn't do that myself right now. You can borrow you're family instead of doing the hard work yourself. But..

2. You can play mom.

3. You can act silly and it’s not weird.

Because we all want to act goofy as an adult, it's just harder to do without shame once you get to a certain age.

4. Having little ones to buy stuff for.

All the presents!! Hopefully, too many.

5. You can give them no rules.

As much candy, ice cream, anything they want, you give it to them.

6. You’re the coolest.

You're basically Uncle Jesse, in their eyes.


8. They laugh at your jokes.

When no one else does, at least someone will.

9. They’re your Mini-Me.

10. Tantrums are temporary.

11. Then you give them back.

Until next time...