11 Reasons "I Want To Believe"
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11 Reasons "I Want To Believe"

Why you need to start watching "The X-Files" right now

11 Reasons "I Want To Believe"

"The X-Files" series started a year before I was born. I saw glimpses of the show as a child when my parents would watch it on TV. All I remember is feeling scared and uncomfortable when I saw an alien body on the screen. For years I operated under that feeling, not taking any interest in the show because I got a weird feeling in my stomach every time I thought about it. The announcement of season 10, a six-episode revival taking place 14 years after the last season ended in 2002, caused me to rethink my opinion of "The X-Files." I thought, I like fantasy, and I'm pretty weird, so why shouldn't I revisit "The X-Files" as an adult? Here are 11 reasons why I now have the theme song as my ringtone, and why you should definitely give the show a shot.

1. All of the episodes are available on Netflix and Hulu.

Who doesn't love a show that they can binge-watch for the rest of eternity? There are 10 seasons, so sit back and enjoy procrastinating or whatever it is you call it.

2. Young David Duchovny.

Need I say more? No. I don't need to.

3. The low-key love affair between Agent Mulder and Scully.

This isn't your typical love affair. There are a lot more aliens and mythical creatures involved. Unless you consider "Twilight" typical. And, yeah, I'm totally jealous, but get off my case.

4. The ongoing power struggle between Mulder and the FBI.

In "The Host," Agent Mulder investigates several murders in a sewer, and this guy is the suspect. Ew, right? The FBI tells Mulder that he (it?) needs to be brought in for questioning and a psych evaluation. Can you imagine this guy trying to take a Rorschach test? No, no. Get it away from me.

5. The opening sequence is A+.

I mean, those graphics, right? The theme song is just made to be a ringtone. And, unlike some shows that alter their opening sequence willy-nilly, "The X-Files" kept the exact same opening they used in 1993 for the 2016 revival. That's how iconic it is.

6. It's creepy, but you can still watch it before bed.

Okay, maybe I'm basing this off of my own horror tolerance, but put it this way: my boyfriend refuses to watch horror movies with me (he wouldn't even go see "Krampus" with me after I tried convincing him it was a comedy), and he'll still watch "The X-Files" with me.

7. Young AND present-day Gillian Anderson.

How is this possible? I don't know, but the truth is out there.

8. You can still understand the show without listening to the science-y parts.

Now, I love how complex the storyline gets in these episodes, but I'm not going to lie, I may be only half listening to Scully's description of the weird bacteria she found next to some lab monkeys.

9. Your parents probably won't make you change the channel.

In fact, it's probably a throwback for them, so they'll enjoy watching it with you. I know my dad approves of it way more than "Teen Mom."

10. The characters are relatable.

Even if they may be some kind of mutant lizard thing.

11. It's basically "CSI" with aliens.

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