This election year will go down in history as the year that America chose the lesser of all evils to be their president. I'm not much into politics, but from the looks of all of the propaganda that has flooded the internet, neither choice looks like it's the right one. This election seems to be the dirtiest one so far, and I'm just sick of my newsfeed being flooded with political views instead of what it should be filled with; dogs.

1. Dogs are loyal.

2. Dogs would do anything for their people.

3. Dogs don't judge people.

4. Dogs can't delete emails.

6. Dogs won't bite someone unless they're provoked.

7. Dogs hate fences, so they won't try to build them between countries.

8. Dogs don't wear clothes.

9. Dogs don't need a small loan of a million dollars.

10. Dogs aren't trying to take your guns away.

11. Dogs love America.