11 Problems You Only Have During Finals Week

11 Problems You Only Have During Finals Week

Being hungry, tired, or un-washed are only temporary. Grades are forever.


There's no doubt that being able to go to college is great. And hey, maybe it will even end up being the "time of your life" it's advertised to be. But that doesn't mean that college doesn't come with it's own set up problems (although there's a fair chance they're first world problems). College students always seem to be tired, hungry, broke, or some combination of the three. Some problems, however, you only encounter during finals week.

1. When you want to go out to eat to celebrate the end of the semester, but $15 is too expensive.

Let's face it, it's hard to work enough during the semester to afford much more than the basics. And no matter your good intentions to budget the extra cash you made over break, after 15 weeks of paying tuition, grocery shopping, impulse buys and best friend dates, your bank account always ends up drained.

2. When you realize living with your friends isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Never fear, your roommate situation is probably fine. After 15 weeks of sharing the close quarters of a dorm room you would probably be tired of anyone. That's what summer break is for: to remind you how much you love your roommate.

3. When you do the chores you've been putting off just to have a break from the constant studying.

You haven't vacuumed your room since the second week of the semester, you know, the last time you had any free time. Then all of a sudden it's week 15 and you're borrowing a vacuum cleaner from Res Life with the flimsy conviction that you're doing it to "leave the room clean when you move out."

4. When the fish just won't die.

They seemed like a good idea at the beginning of the semester, but now no one wants to bring them home for the break.

5. When your coffee addiction reaches a new level.

All semester you'd been managing the day on a mere two cups of coffee. Finals week hits and all of a sudden you find you need six to keep going.

6. When you get so busy you miss a meal.

Hunger is temporary, but grades last forever.

7. When the thought of dropping out becomes nearly constant.

Because if you didn't go to college, then you wouldn't have to take finals.

8. When you get so busy you forget to shower.

Some finals are so hard that everything else stops mattering.

9. When you live in the library.

The library is open 24 hours a day and you take full advantage of it during finals week. Why go back to your room and go to bed when you can just take a three hour nap and get right back to studying? The only problem is there are no showers in the bathroom there...

10. When you forget what day it is because your sleep schedule is so messed up.

Finals week can lead to sleeping when you have time. Sometimes this is for four hours between 2am and 6am. Sometimes it's for 13 in the middle of the only day you don't have an exam.

11. When you have to pack up all the stuff you've accumulated over the year and study for your exams.

Just admit it, you're going to end up throwing everything haphazardly into boxes in the three hours in between your last exam and when your parents come to pick you up, just like you did last year.

You're almost there! Good luck!

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