To the untrained eye, Legally Blonde is just another silly female-centric comedy to come out of the early 2000s. Legally Blonde is actually an incredibly profound film, and, if you are like me and watched Legally Blonde in your formative years, you were deeply influenced by Elle Woods. She started as a girl on a mission to win back her boyfriend, but became a highly motivated and hard working Harvard Law student who learned the value of friendship, strong female role models, believing in yourself, and when to say goodbye to a dead beat guy. Elle became a strong female role model herself who also wore pink, and taught me a thing or two about life.

1. Confidence is key, especially when it comes to following your dreams.

Elle Woods taught me to believe in myself. So you want to go to Harvard Law School? Make it happen. She studied her ass off for weeks, and got a 179 on her LSAT (out of 180). Elle set a goal and achieved it, and that means you can too.

2. Do not accept being stereotyped.

As a blonde myself, I've had to deal with 'dumb blonde' jokes all my life. We do NOT have to put up with that. Demand to be valued for who you are and what you can do, and do not allow anyone to diminish you to a mere stereotype

3. It's ok to make a fool out of yourself sometimes in the dating game.

4. Sexual harassment is NEVER ok and shouldn't be tolerated.

She was picked to be a part of an elite group of law students, and yet her professor treated her like she was only there for her looks. She proved she has what it took to practice law, and called him out on his sexist ways.

5. Strong female role models are so important.

Elle did find a positive role model and professor to look up to, one who believed in her, valued her as an able student, and sought to mentor her.

6. Be true to yourself.

It may be cliché at this point, but always be true to yourself and don't try to be something you're not. So you love pink and collect lip gloss? Own it. So you like sports? Art? As Elle showed us, there is no point in wasting your life on being something you're not for someone else's benefit.

7. Don't let anything stand in the way of your dreams.

Bye Warner, see you never.

8. And don't put up with significant others who don't support/value you.

9. Friendship will get you through anything.

Sometimes the only way we can get though hard times is by relying on our friends, and sometimes, friendship can be a wonderful result of dealing with hard times. Instead of remaining enemies, Elle and Vivian both realized what a terrible guy Warner was, and instead chose friendship and each other. They came together, not in catty competition, but in mutual respect and sincere friendship.

10. Above all never stop believing in yourself.

You will make it. College is hard. Law school is hard. Remembering what the point of all this work is when you haven't slept in two days and you have cried with your friends every day this week seems impossible sometimes. But keep going and don't give up. Elle Woods believes in you and you should too.

11. When in doubt, Bend and Snap.

Women can do it, men can do it, heck invite the kids and dogs too. Let's make a party out of it. But really, Legally Blonde taught me it's ok to have fun and be silly even when life, school, work and dating seem so serious and stressful sometimes.