11 Things I Learned About Michigan Winters While Living There

11 Things I Learned About Michigan Winters While Living There

Every Michigander has experienced all of these.

Kate Lorenzen

What I learned/experienced from living through Michigan winters for 18 years.

1. You will get snow no matter what

It will be a lot of snow. Lake effect is in control.

2. You can make any size snowman, just depends whether you want the grass visible or not

Both are possible with that much snow. Honestly, there will probably be about a foot by the time you finish building it.

3. It will be cold so put your heavy coat on

Nothing you haven’t handled before. Add some Uggs and the outfit is complete.

4. The snow sucks when driving

5. But the black ice is much worse

It's a slip and slide you can't see!

6. The roads may be fine, but your neighborhood is a danger zone

Thanks for not plowing, city of mine. I had more close calls on my own street than I ever did on my 30-minute drive to school.

7. Having a mountain aka snow bank at the end of your driveway

That you or neighborhood kids will make into a fort

8. Potholes, potholes, and more potholes

Because of them, flat tires are imminent

9. Any hill is a sled able hill if you try hard enough

10. Running in to make some hot chocolate is the best thing about this weather

11. Knowing that all Michiganders are dealing with this weather, too

It’s a bonding experience, and it prepared me well for college in Indiana.

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