1. Please don't breathe in my face while you're chomping on that Reese's Cup

Not only is this inconsiderate, but it can also trigger a reaction. So chew on a breath mint before you start a conversation.

2. Assorted desserts are the WORST

As much as I would love to inhale desserts, I can't take the risk with that peanut butter cookie beside the chocolate one.

3. "You're just being paranoid"

Am I? The fact that I can die from a nut isn't exactly something I can gamble on, Becky.

4. Southwest Airlines is a big NO

I'm sure you divas can live for four hours without your precious roasted peanuts.

5. "Oh, I totally forgot you were allergic!"

Then start remembering.

6. "Are peanuts nuts?"


7. Checking the label on EVERYTHING

Yes, even when it says "Made in a facility" or "Made with equipment that processes nuts", I'm still a little nervous.

8. I make my friends wash their hands twice if they've touched or eaten peanut butter

Still not a mental thing.

9. "Maybe you're meant to die — it's survival of the fittest"

Sometimes I think I'm doing a pretty good job so far.

10. I think EVERYONE should know how to use an EpiPen

It saves lives, you know.

11. To the people serving me food surrounded by and touching nuts: Please change equipment accordingly

It not only can save my life but thousands of others, as well.

12. No, I cannot have Almond, Cashew, or Pistachio milk

I know we try to be healthy, but let's stick to a nice 2% milk choice.