12 Things To Know About People With Nut Allergies

12 Things To Know About People With Nut Allergies

It can seem annoying, but it's our health that's in danger.

1. Please don't breathe in my face while you're chomping on that Reese's Cup

Not only is this inconsiderate, but it can also trigger a reaction. So chew on a breath mint before you start a conversation.

2. Assorted desserts are the WORST

As much as I would love to inhale desserts, I can't take the risk with that peanut butter cookie beside the chocolate one.

3. "You're just being paranoid"

Am I? The fact that I can die from a nut isn't exactly something I can gamble on, Becky.

4. Southwest Airlines is a big NO

I'm sure you divas can live for four hours without your precious roasted peanuts.

5. "Oh, I totally forgot you were allergic!"

Then start remembering.

6. "Are peanuts nuts?"


7. Checking the label on EVERYTHING

Yes, even when it says "Made in a facility" or "Made with equipment that processes nuts", I'm still a little nervous.

8. I make my friends wash their hands twice if they've touched or eaten peanut butter

Still not a mental thing.

9. "Maybe you're meant to die — it's survival of the fittest"

Sometimes I think I'm doing a pretty good job so far.

10. I think EVERYONE should know how to use an EpiPen

It saves lives, you know.

11. To the people serving me food surrounded by and touching nuts: Please change equipment accordingly

It not only can save my life but thousands of others, as well.

12. No, I cannot have Almond, Cashew, or Pistachio milk

I know we try to be healthy, but let's stick to a nice 2% milk choice.

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I Think I Have Telephone Phobia And It's Serious

While a lot of people commonly fear clowns, darkness, and heights, I fear phone calls.


Is it just me or does anyone else dread having to make and pick up phone calls? Am I also the only one who gets really sweaty and goosebumps everywhere whenever the dial tone sounds? I hope it's not just me. Maybe it's the idea of a disembodied voice over the speaker that scares me or maybe it could just be me being socially awkward for no reason.

Who knows? But I do know that whenever I have to make a phone call, I have to prepare ahead of time, and if you actually see me do it (which I won't let you), you would see that it's an extremely daunting process. First, I type out what I want to say and the questions that I want to ask on my laptop. Sometimes, if it's an important phone call, such as to a place that's hiring or looking for potential interns, I prepare multiple sets of responses in case the conversation doesn't go as planned. Then, I read what I wrote two or three times out loud to myself and correct whatever doesn't sound right because you know, things usually sound better in my head.

I rehearse the finalized version another two or three times, and after that, I muster up all of the courage that I possibly can and force myself to dial the number. Finally, when the person picks up, I do my best to read off of my script, even though it's staring at me straight in the face, and try my best not to sound like a robot. Did I also mention that, when I can, I lock myself in a room so that nobody can hear me? Well, I do that, too.

This is exactly why I avoid receptionist jobs. I don't like having to call someone that I don't know because I tend to stutter a lot when the person on the other end picks up, and it's hard to predict how those phone calls will go, so I can't really prepare for them as I would do at home. Usually, I'm afraid that I won't know how to respond to the callers' questions, and I don't want them to know that I don't know how to answer them, but I also don't want to put them on hold and take up their time.

It's especially bad when an office is so quiet that everyone can practically hear all of the "ums" and "uhs" that come after every word I say. This makes me even more self-conscious about the sound of my voice, and I often say to myself, "Is this really what I sound like?" It's basically just an endless cycle of trepidation. Another thing that gets me is the instantaneity of phone calls. It's not like texting or emailing where you can choose not to respond right away. You could even leave the person on delivered or read if you really wanted to, but you can't do the same when talking on the phone unless you hang up on them, which won't be good for either of you.

Isn't it ironic how the phone was invented so that people could communicate by calling, and yet, I don't use it for that purpose? I tell my friends not to call me because I tend to respond better on Messenger or iMessage because I have time to think over my response. If it's an emergency, then I'll make an exception, but otherwise, I try to avoid phone calls at all costs. My parents are probably the only other exception because they're my parents, and both of them say that they'll take forever to respond by texts, so I really have no choice.

In all honesty, I prefer anything but a phone call. You could send me hundreds of postcards, letters, and emails or even spam my Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. You could even write a message on a paper airplane and throw it to me. I don't care, but just don't call me. Will I ever get over this? I should, but I probably won't, which sucks, but I'll manage. I think.

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