11 Helpful Tips To Reduce Stress

Life is inherently stressful. After all, we wouldn't be alive without some level of stress. However, not all stress is equal: sometimes stress is good and sometimes bad. Eustress, or good stress, has been proven to be beneficial in small quantities and can be a motivating force along with increasing cognitive abilities. On the other hand, bad stress, or distress, is unhealthy and can lead to depression and sickness. So, how do you decrease your levels of distress?

1. Exercise

Workout! Sitting around for hours and hours on end isn't healthy, and working out is a great way to get rid of any excess nervous energy.

2. Listen To Music

Putting in headphones and just chilling to your favorite playlist is another great way to de-stress. The music will relax you and help you focus on something else.

3. Talk To Friends

Social media gets a lot of flak for increasing stress, and in some ways it does. But, there are ways to use it to decrease stress. Talk to trusted individuals or friends about why you're stressed and what you should do about it!

4. Pets!

Animals can be a huge stress reliever. Pets don't have any expectations of you, they just want love and attention, and it's calming to give them that love and attention they deserve.

5. Meditate

Trying meditation or yoga can help you get to know your body better, and it can make you more resilient to stress.

6. Scents

Sometimes, certain smells can be relaxing. Try aromatherapy or a scented candle.

7. Make Lists

Planning out what you're going to do can decrease last-minute stresses.

8. Plan Ahead

Doing things last minute increases stress levels, but planning it out can limit this.

9. Get Organized

Clean your desk, your work area, your room. Decreasing distractions and making the area neater can decrease stress levels as well as increase productivity.

10. Sleep

Sleep is ridiculously important, so give yourself time to recharge every night, or try napping.

11. Nutrition

Eat well! Stay hydrated!! It's easier to stay on top of your game when your body is in top condition.

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