11 Domestic Travel Spots That Will Change Your Life

11 Domestic Travel Spots That Will Change Your Life

Because we fail to appreciate the beauty within the United States


We all have a willingness to travel, and explore the world. Something that not all of us may have is the proper tools, aka, money. However, the problem is there is a stigma in our society that you need a ridiculous amount of money to travel. We fail to recognize the beauty and mystery within locations in the United States. So, let's take the time to open up wonderful opportunities to travel in the US:

11. Bar Harbour, Maine

Not only can you enjoy really beautiful weather here during the summer time, but you can also enjoy fascinating views of Bar Harbour (a port in Maine). Following, there is a large strip of restaurants and places to walk around for a good time, but at a reasonable price.

10. The entire state of Connecticut

During the fall, you can experience hiking trails within the state of Connecticut, surrounding yourself by the colorful variety of leaves. In addition, you can indulge in apple cider donuts and lunch at family-owned diners.

9. Sacramento, CA

Visiting National Parks and taking part in experiencing new restaurants is sure to make your trip go lovely!

8. Seattle, Washington

For all the Starbucks addicts, this is the place to go, but not just for coffee. In Seattle, you can explore the Space Needle as well as the Pike Place Market, all for a reasonably low price.

7. Park City, Utah

Whether it be the summer or the fall, Park City's ski resort is full of fun adventurous things to do, in accordance with a variety of restaurants. At Park City, you can go on an alpine coaster, zip-lining, bungee jumping, and rock climbing.

6. Dallas, TX

At Dallas, you can explore the wide history in the John F Kennedy Museum, and surround yourself by Southern cooking in the restaurants near the center of the city.

5. Washington DC

The nation's capital is home to a deluxe variety of museums, architecture, colleges, and nature walkways. Take advantage of it, and its the little things that really matter.

4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The "City of Brotherly Love" is home to Reading Terminal Market, One Liberty Observation Deck, and the Liberty Bell. The food in Philly is sure to take you by surprise (at how good it is and how little it costs generally).

3. New York City, New York

This jungle of concrete is truly where dreams are made of: from Broadway, to Times Square, to all the good food. The key is to find a hotel in New Jersey, and pay half the price of what you would pay if you stayed in New York itself.

2. Orlando, Florida

In Orlando, you have the full packaged experience. Not only can you visit Disney World, Busch Gardens, and Sea world, but you can also visit the local beaches as well as local night life and restaurants.

1. Los Angeles, California

And last but not least- LA is home to everything that Orlando has, except a little bit more hype as it is near Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, and all of the glamour that is California. The key here is to stay outside of the city and then drive, to make sure you don't pay an insanely price for hotels.

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