I'm totally guilty of being best friends with my mom. I mean what can I say, I just love that woman to pieces! Here's a few things that all daughters that are best friends with their mom know all too well!

1. Your mom is the first person you call when anything exciting happens in your life.

2. You've definitely ditched plans with your friends to hang out with her.

3. She's your number one fan in anything you do & does her best to get involved with anything you love.

4. You ask for her opinion on basically every decision you make, big or small. And you value her opinion greatly.

5. Your inside jokes are the best jokes.

6. The biggest compliment is when people tell you, "you look just like your mom!" or "you get it from your mom!".

7. All your friends thinks she's the coolest mom ever. They basically hang out with you so they can hang out with her too.

8. You tell each other everything. I mean literally, EVERYTHING.

9. You've got each other's back. And she's especially got yours, because if someone messes with her little girl, momma bear is comin' out.

10. You answer "who do you admire most" or "who's your role model" with "my mom" every time.

11. You never leave the house or hang up the phone without saying "I love you".