11 Concepts You Learn From Having a Roommate
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11 Concepts You Learn From Having a Roommate

You may know some of these, but it's totally different when you have to use them daily.

11 Concepts You Learn From Having a Roommate

One big change to deal with when coming to college is the experience of having to share a room with another person. I'm definitely the kind of person that likes having alone time, gets super annoyed when I'm around someone too often and has little OCD fits when things aren't where they should be. I was extremely worried about how I was going to handle living with a roommate. Fast forward to the second semester: I love my roommate, and we get along great! But, this wasn't a natural transition. Speaking for myself, here are some important concepts that have made my roommate and I's relationship so smooth:

1. Tidiness

Even if your room at home isn't the cleanest, that's not going to fly if you have a roommate. You can't just leave your clothes all over the floor or your shoes in the doorway (or at least you shouldn't!) Most likely, you don't want someone else's clutter in your space, so don't put your clutter in theirs.

2. Self-awareness

You know yourself better than anyone else, so being aware of your quirks or habits is essential.

3. Courtesy

If your roommate is going to bed, then you probably should try to be quiet when you come in or put headphones in while you watch Netflix. Understanding that the room is a shared space and making sure you're courteous not to bother your roommate is a kind thing to do, and it may prevent some resentment amongst you two.

4. Being easy- going

Spending so much effort complaining about your roommate or getting angry about the small things they do that sometimes annoy you is honestly a waste of your time. One of the main reasons my roommate and I get along so well is because we're both very easy-going people. You want friends to come up? Sure! If I want it to be quiet but you're watching a movie, no problem, I'll go to the library!

5. Friendliness

To be honest, I thought my roommate didn't like me for the first few months, and she thought the same of me. Now, we're super close. Get to know your roommate! You guys don't have to be "BFFs", but it's nice to know the person you're living with.

6. Speak up about issues you have

If your roommate does something that makes you mad, TELL THEM! They will never know how to fix the problem if they don't know what the problem is. You may think it'll be an awkward conversation, but being straightforward about what's bothering you is the best option.

7. Scheduling

If you know your roommate works from 8-2 on Tuesdays and you like the room to be quiet while you do homework, then consider that perfect time to get your homework done.

8. Personal space

Yes, you guys are sharing the room, and the room probably isn't very big, but make it work! You'll have your space and they'll have theirs. Don't put your stuff all over their desk, or your shoes by their bed.

9. Taking a hint

You should be able to tell when your roommate is hinting that you're being too loud or they don't feel like talking. Pick up on those signs or moods, and be courteous of them.

10. Alone time

Having time to yourself is important. You don't always want to be around people, and that's okay! This can kind of go along with scheduling in that you can observe when your roommate will be gone from the room, but if there's never a period where they're gone for a long period of time, then find that spot on campus that you can go when you don't want to be around people.

11. Sharing/ Stealing?

If you borrow something from your roommate you should:

1. ask for permission

2. give it back.

Also, this should be a no-brainer, but don't steal from your roommate (especially food!).

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