As humans, we crave to be touched. We crave to have someone listen and words of advice. But when depression gets in the way it seems like it's never enough. You start to feel stuck and hopeless. Then feel like there is nowhere left to go. I remember a time where life was my worst enemy. Waking up every day and sharing breathing space with other people who “didn’t understand me” was the daily struggle.I fought with my family over the smallest issues. I shut out my friends. I saw a therapist. I was on anti-depressants. Emotion always trumped logic. At the end of the day, everything I did to try and improve myself would leave me feeling stable for only a few hours.

Now that I’m in my 20s, I often reflect back to those dark days, where I was almost stupid enough to take my life because I almost let my teenage woes get the best of me. I can talk so casually about this now because I know how common teen depression really is, and I’ve come SO far since then. I’m also evidence that, as the cliché goes, it all gets better with time. But also, I would probably give myself a list of things to live for and look forward to. It was a gradual process for me to learn that, above all, some things and feelings you just have to wait out. And while you’re waiting, it’s the small victories that begin to help you get a grasp on the fact that life has a lot to offer you.

1) It will destroy your parents.

2) Your siblings will never get over it.

3) What about your best friends.

4) People WILL miss you.

5) You can help people.

6) Be able to tell your story.

7) Travel the world.

8) Be able to publish a writing.

9) Think of all the new art you will miss out on.

10) Get a tattoo.

11) Be able to have a drink on your 21st Birthday.

12) Give it time to get better, it will get better.

13) Graduate

14) Get Married.

15) Have kids.

16) Go to concerts.

17) Being able to listen to music.

18) New movies.

19) That next CD from your favorite band/artist.

20) New Books.

21) Meet your idol.

22) Learn to surf.

23) New seasons of your favorite TV shows.

24) Visit New York City.

25) Be able to see yourself recover.

26) Watching the sunset.

27) Wake up to see the sunrise.

28) Be able to try new foods.

29) Be able to go to Museums.

30) Experience a haunted place.

31) Disney.

32) You are a beautiful person.

33) You are precious.

34) Starbucks coffee.

35) Bonfires with friends and family.

36) Being able to meet new people.

37) Hugs

38) Dancing

39) Singing

40) Beautiful beaches.

41) Holidays

42) Rainstorms

43) Being able to be your own hero.

44) Bath Bombs

45) Laughing so much it hurts with friends.

46) You are NEVER alone.

47) Future relationships.

48) Being able to finish your bucket list.

49) Dressing up for formal events and feeling like a princess or prince.

50) Being able to be rebellious at times.

51) Hearing the words "I love you."

52) Long hot showers.

53) Pain is only temporary.

54) Staring at clouds and finding shapes in them.

55) High school reunions.

56) Having the power to make someone smile.

57) Love Stories.

58) Being able to hold babies.

59) Snorting when you're laughing so hard.

60) No one will ever be able to replace you.

61) Hearing someone sing Happy Birthday to you.

62) Think about how many people would blame themselves.

63) One day, your smile will be real.

64)The smell of summer.

65) It is OKAY to not be okay!

66) Eating junk food at 12 am with your best friends.

67) Eating junk food at 12 am with your best friends.

68) The Butterfly Effect: Every time a butterfly flaps it's wings, it changes the atmosphere around it causing (or preventing) a major event somewhere else.

69) It's okay to break down sometimes.

70) Every struggle is the opportunity to grow as a person.

71) Think of the family you will gain blood or not.

72) Watching fireworks.

73) Being able to see rainbows.

74) Being stupid in public because you can.

75) Cuddling under the stars.

76) Making snow angels.

77) Showing your talent off to the world.

78) Need a friend, I'll be your friend.

79) Tree houses.

80) Being able to watch leaves fall in Fall.

81) Seeing shooting stars.

82) Fresh baked cookies.

83) Blowing bubbles on a sunny day.

84) Changing your hairstyle.

85) Making pancakes at midnight.

86) Finding the perfect pair of jeans.

87) Overcoming your fears.

88) Being able to finish a Harry Potter marathon.

89) Seeing your favorite sports team win.

90) Water balloon fights.

91) Being able to go camping.

92) Cute puppies

93) Bubble wrap.

94) Laying in a hammock.

95) Walking bare-foot in the sand.

96) Singing loudly in the shower.

97) Polaroid pictures.

98) Rollercoasters

99) S'mores

100) X-Factor, American Idol, The Voice (be inspired, disgusted or amused by performances)

101) Because you are destined for greatness.