100 Reasons Why You Should Keep Living

100 Reasons Why You Should Keep Living

Reasons why you should keep living even though you feel like dying.

Sometimes it just seems like everything is too much. There is too much stress, too much failure, and too much pain. It can seem as though the only way to solve all of your problems is to end your life. I have known so many people, myself included, who have had to struggle through depression at some point in their lives. To these people, it can often seem as though there is no reason to live anymore and as though everything is just meaningless. However, it is the little things in life that you have to think about. There is so much that you would miss out on if you died and so many people who would miss you. While I was in the midst of a very difficult time, I decided that it might be nice to make up a list of reasons to keep on living and it helped me out tremendously. I've decided to share this list so that it might help out other people who are struggling with similar issues. So here it is...

1. To love and be loved

2. To see the end of the world

3. Music

4. To prove them all wrong

5. Because someday it will be better

6. To see the person who just makes your day

7. Chocolate

8. Cats

9. Dogs

10. To make the world a better place

11. To dream

12. To watch lightning storms

13. To cuddle under the stars

14. To eat food

15. To read all the books you haven't read yet

16. Bad jokes

17. To feel the sun on your skin

18. Animals

19. To be free

20. To be with the one you love

21. To see what happens next

22. To see all the new Pokemon

23. Disney

24. For things that excite you

25. Fresh baked cookies

26. Warm spring days

27. Fresh flowers

28. Harry Potter

29. Your friends

30. Your family

31. Raising kids

32. Snow days

33. Knowledge

34. Bright blue skies

35. To create something amazing

36. To say that you made it

37. Fresh rain

38. Hugs and kisses and love

39. Full moons

40. Water skiing

41. To be better

42. Your favorite song

43. Naming fish

44. Scrapbooking

45. Sparkles

46. Crazy hair days

47. Evening walks in the park

48. Your favorite food

49. New experiences

50. Cookie dough

51. Sunsets

52. Sunrises

53. Deep conversations

54. Sarcasm

55. New hair cuts

56. New clothes

57. Ice cream

58. Your first kiss

59. Any kiss

60. Clear water on a white sand beach

61. Warm covers

62. Frozen lemonade

63. Prom

64. Dressing up

65. Dressing down

66. Sleeping all day

67. Your favorite stuffed animal

68. Your first house

69. Inside jokes

70. Little sentimental things

71. Smiles

72. Because I care

73. Scented candles

74. The ocean

75. Babies

76. Pictures

77. Cool scissors

78. Shooting stars

79. Blushing

80. Dolls

81. Blankets out of the dryer

82. Slippers

83. The things you don't expect

84. Pillow fights

85. Dancing in the rain

86. Laughter

87. Freshly cut grass

88. Sleeping under the stars

89. Bakeries

90. Walking in the moonlight

91. Taking a deep breath

92. Getting married

93. Clouds

94. To be strong

95. Rainbows

96. Hope

97. Prayer

98. Making a difference

99. Believing in something

100. Reaching somewhere so you can help everyone else

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To The Actors In 13 Reasons Why

Please, for the love of God, make a change.

To the actors involved in Netflix's 13 Reasons Why,

Thank you, first of all, for bringing awareness and discussion in some facet to a topic formerly shunned and full of taboo: suicide. But, I do recognize your failure to represent the journey many take on their journey to that fateful decision. Yes, I do know that you do not, likely, participate in the writing of the script, but you are ultimately the ones who fulfill the lines written on the pages

I am just a college student in a rural Midwestern town and have never even visited California much less, Los Angeles. But I believe that if you see something wrong in what you are doing there is a way to speak up and make a change about it. I find it hard to believe that none of you notice during readings, rehearsals, filmings, rewatchings, that there is something misconstrued about the message you are sending.

Mental health and illnesses were not explicitly addressed until season 2 episode 8. And it was done in one of the most drastic ways possible. Instead of having students discuss it among themselves the only way it was directly talked about was at a mental health facility (and a really nice one at that). It was never discussed between friends, which, believe or not, does happen in real life. Parents never pushed to see why their children were not bathing or came home bruised and beaten: if the teen said they were okay they accepted it with little fight.

As someone who struggles with depression and anxiety every day of my life, this is certainly disconcerting to see. Essentially, what I saw was a girl unfairly depicted as an upset teenager who killed herself to cope with the emotional and physical abuse she endured without any real mental health issues in her life leading up until then. It is clear to someone who has suffered through it that it was subtly depicted (i.e. her cutting her hair, changing demeanor, etc), but to many of the young people watching it, I assume that they did not pick up on this. And these people who do not live with the first-hand experience of depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideations need to be educated on a more realistic mental process leading to the invasion of suicidal thoughts.

This thought process is not unique to me, either. After the first season, there were plenty of calls for a more explicit discussion of the mental illnesses in the show's story arc. This gave you plenty of time to voice your ideas for a much more realistic representation of mental health and suicide in the second season. And I was hopeful, many of you have shown support and have the same semicolon tattoo that I don on my left wrist.

So, if there is a third season, the only thing that will redeem your show to me is your using your voices to call for the writers to take some time to reflect on the representation of mental health in your show. Use your powers as valuable actors on the show and demand change. Please. Because the people who suffer from mental illnesses deserve accurate representation. And those who do not understand the truth behind suicide, suicidal ideations, and mental health need to learn.


A Mental Health Advocate

Cover Image Credit: Fox News

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