100 Things That Are Bound To Make You Smile
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100 Things That Are Bound To Make You Smile

A compiled list of people, places, things, and activities that are sure to make you feel good!

100 Things That Are Bound To Make You Smile

Below is a compiled list of 100 things that always make me feel good. Sometimes we all just need a little pick-me-up, and this list is exactly it. Whether you just read through it from beginning to end, or you decide to actually do or see or buy or use one of these, I hope it brings a smile to your face and a light to your heart!

1. New sweatpants
2. Hugs
3. How soft babies skin/hair is
4. Remembering your dreams
5. Getting dressed up
6. Falling asleep to rain
7. Fall
8. Genuine laughs
9. Little old couples who are still in love
10. Smiles
11. Food
12. Starting new books
13. New book smell
14. Freshly sharpened pencils
15. Actually understanding math
16. Giving advice
17. Ice cold water
18. That hug when you see someone you've missed
19. The smell of freshly cut grass
20. When your favorite song comes on shuffle or on the radio
21. Being on the same page as someone else
22. Taking pictures of beautiful people, places, and things
23. Seeing people meet their favorite celebrities
24. Being able to spend money on yourself just because
25. Clothes that fit just right
26. Hair that falls just right
27. Pretty eyes
28. Voices you can listen to all day
29. Connecting with someone the first time you meet them
30. Frozen yogurt
31. Traveling
32. Meeting new people
33. Days that go the way you plan
34. Shopping
35. Annual OBX trip
36. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel
37. Sunsets
38. Inside jokes
39. Driving with the windows down and music up
40. Breezes
41. Having money for once
42. Going out to eat
43. No drama
44. Sweatpants with pockets
45. The beach
46. Kisses
47. Cuddles
48. The response when you tell a funny joke or an interesting story
49. Giving compliments
50. Sleeping
51. Being motivated
52. Feeling confident
53. Cheesy jokes
54. Disney World
55. Lazy days
56. Busy days
57. Fires
58. Finding things
59. Actors
60. Reading the book before seeing the movie
61. Going to the movies
62. Movie theater popcorn
63. Seeing other people happy
64. Surprises
65. Trying new things
66. Summer break
67. Summer nights
69. Concerts
70. Secrets
71. Sleepovers
72. Staying up late
73. Sleeping in
74. Morning showers
75. Soft hair
76. Bonding with little kids
77. Stars
78. Night time
79. Good ideas
80. Holidays
81. Chick flicks
82. Long/deep/emotional conversations
83. Cologne
84. How comfy hotel beds are
85. Cracking your back
86. When people play with your hair
87. Candles
88. When your room is actually clean
89. The cheer bus going to away games
90. Getting something on the first try
91. Sporting events
92. Aquariums
93. Drinking Arizona Iced Tea on hot days
94. Feeling rebellious
95. Fridays
96. Being appreciated
97. Team apparel
98. Dimples
99. Knowing something before others
100. Being purely and genuinely happy

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