10 Ways Your Sorority Family Is Just Like A Real Family

You may not have the same last name.

You may not live in the same house.

You may not look alike.

But you are nonetheless a family.

Although the whole thing is completely imaginary, for the sake of our fun, us Greek women tend to take it pretty seriously. You might not be a real family, but the group dynamic has a tendency to make it feel that way.

Here are 10 Ways Your Sorority Family Is Just Like A Real Family.

1. You’re extremely protective of your little

Just like a real-life big sis, you look after your little as if she were your own. If boys are mean to her, you’ll come after them in a second!

2. Your Big and G-Big make you feel like the baby of the family

Just like real older sisters, your Big and G-Big are the people you look up to. You know that if you ever need a pep talk, a cute shirt to wear, or a hug after a hard day, they’ll be there for you.

3. At “family reunions” there are always relatives you don’t recognize

As soon as the alumni come back, things can get a bit confusing. You’ll be asking your Big and G-Big to remind you of their names and how you’re related. Not to worry — they'll always have your back.

4. Sometimes they know who you are, but you don’t know them

But you hug anyway.

5. You can always count on your Big sis for advice

Don't know what you should wear to formal? Stressing because he hasn't texted you for three days? Not sure what to do about your Chemistry final? She may not have that much more life experience than you, but your Big always has the answer.

6. Every time your family expands, the oldest family members have a mid-life crisis

“Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’m a great-grandbig! When did I get so old?”

7. When someone takes a little, all of the distant relatives come back to welcome and meet her.

They usually come bearing gifts. It’s basically a baby shower.

8. You have lots of cousins

It's always a fun time when you're together.

9. You fight like sisters

At times, things can get between you. It's only natural considering the great amount of time you spend together.

10. But you love like family

You may not be related by blood, but the love you have for each other is arguably just as strong. Unlike a real family, a sorority family is comprised of people you choose. No matter what, you're always there for one another.

Family over everything.

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